Soldier loan – the loan for soldiers

Serving as a soldier for the country is generally a great thing. But do you know that banks reward engagement? This is done in the form of special loans that only professional and temporary soldiers receive. They also get loans from the house bank, but the terms are usually worse. A visit to Capital Lender is worthwhile, because we compare the best offers.

Best Bank employer

Best Bank employer

The Best Bank’s primary task is to ensure peace. This includes ensuring relaxation and reconstruction in crisis-ridden regions. Conscription continued until 2011, and today the state is only permitted to call soldiers in the event of tension or defense. However, you can do voluntary and paid military service. Time soldiers decide how long they serve the Best Bank. The possible time spans are between four and 20 years, after which military service can theoretically continue until retirement age. Professional soldiers enter into an unlimited employment relationship right from the start. Apprenticeships as well as further training measures at school are often part of the service, which is of benefit to the professional career after leaving the company.

Best Bank: top earnings and financial security

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The Best Bank’s earning opportunities are ideal for professional and temporary soldiers. The salary is similar to the salaries of civil servants (comparable to loans for police officers), it results from the federal salary regulations A and B. The grade and the years worked determine how high the salary is. In individual cases, special supplements are added, for example for pilots, combat swimmers or company sergeants. Depending on the living conditions, married as well as compulsory military service recipients receive substantial family allowances in addition to the basic salaries. In short, unlike many other people, soldiers are financially well off. Those who do military service do not become unemployed so quickly. The pay comes regularly to the account and a loss of income is not expected. Banks reward this with attractive framework conditions, since in most cases there is long-term planning certainty. You know very well that you are very likely to get your money back. Soldiers are valued borrowers at almost all financial institutions.

In principle, professional soldiers have the status of civil servants because they serve the state until retirement age, like teachers, ambassadors, police officers and the like. So you are also entitled to a solid pension. You even have the option of taking a medium or higher civil service career within the Best Bank. That is why banks often refer to soldier loans as civil servant loans. The career is open for temporary soldiers. After military service, they can start a new job on the free labor market, but they too are entitled to pension payments. How high these are depends on the number of years of service.

Despite good earning potential, the wages are not always enough to make the necessary purchases, treat yourself to a vacation trip or buy a new car. A soldier’s loan opens up financial freedom. What soldiers use a loan for is up to them. The loans are suitable for both short and long-term financing.

Residual debt insurance: compensate for risks financially

In peacetime, the risk of suffering damage to health while working is quite low. The situation is different, however, for war and foreign missions. If soldiers get into conflict, nobody can guarantee the integrity of life and limb. But that’s because of the nature of things and young professionals as well as old hands are aware of the dangers. To ensure that relatives do not remain on an open loan in the event of death, there are residual debt insurance plans. They can be taken out in addition to the loan on a voluntary basis. In the event of non-indebted payment defaults, such as incapacity for work or unemployment, they step in. In such cases, the rather expensive insurance companies pay outstanding outstanding debts. They offer a high degree of financial security, particularly for long-term loans.

Soldier loans: It depends on the term

Soldier loans: It depends on the term

Soldier credits score with attractive special conditions. When applying, it does not matter whether the soldier is a woman or a man. The only difference is the type of military service. Just a reminder: temporary soldiers are committed for several years, professional soldiers are employed by the Best Bank for an unlimited period of time. Those who belong to the first professional group benefit from top interest rates on loans with short terms. Temporary soldiers receive loans with simplified acceptance requirements, with no lengthy processing procedures to be expected. Professional soldiers receive attractive conditions for short and long-term loans.

When applying, time soldiers should especially note that the expected service time is longer than the term. In general, the amount of the loan must be financially sustainable – by the way, this applies to all forms of loan. If the burden is too high, a carelessly chosen loan quickly turns out to be a financial effort. Sufficient creditworthiness always has a positive effect. You can increase this with a second borrower, among other things, if the pay is insufficient for the financing request. Numerous banks are also accommodating, which means that existing SCHUFA entries can still result in a loan. For temporary and professional soldiers, it is advisable to notify the bank of current and upcoming international missions in order to avoid legal disputes from the outset.

Compare soldier loans with Capital Lender

Compare soldier loans with Capital Lender

Soldier loans can be applied for conveniently online – 365 days a year, around the clock. The way to the bank and the associated appointments with the customer advisor are unnecessary. But not every financial service provider offers special soldier loans. If this is the case, however, the loans can sometimes be difficult to identify on the provider website, they often hide behind other names. Better stick to a professional like Capital Lender. We search the tariff jungle with a professional eye and present you with the most attractive soldier loans.

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