Basic Information About How To Organize Your Finances Mon, 14 Sep 2020 07:33:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How To Organize Your Finances So You Can Be Successful Mon, 14 Sep 2020 07:33:30 +0000 Are you interested in learning how to organize your finances? 

If so, then a quick loans no credit check same day noted that this article will be helpful to you.

The first question that you need to ask yourself is: What is personal finance? This term refers to the way that you use the money to make ends meet. If you are having trouble keeping up with your payments, then you might need to look into personal finance. In fact, most people who struggle with financial problems don’t realize that they are using their money in a poor manner until it is too late.

One of the reasons why some people struggle financially is because they do not have a good understanding of how money works. In other words, they do not understand that money comes from their income, which is something that most people do not understand.

You need to look into some basic principles. For instance, you need to understand what income means. In fact, you should first make sure that you have a decent amount of income.

Another important thing to learn about is what type of income you have. For example, if you work from home, you should always be thinking about how to organize your finances. However, if you work for someone else, there may be some things that you can avoid having to think about when it comes to your finances.

When you are dealing with your finances, you will need to take a look at the different ways that you can use to save money. These include credit cards, student loans, cash loans and savings accounts. You need to learn how to use them properly and how to budget your money so that you will be able to pay your bills off on time.

Of course, personal finance also includes your mortgage. The only way to make sure that you are getting the best deal when it comes to this aspect is to know how to properly organize your finances. As a matter of fact, you will need to consider how much money you have to make payments on your home. You should always look into all the factors that will affect the interest rates you will pay on your mortgage, including the current interest rate, what you can afford to put down on the mortgage as well as the rates that you will be able to pay on your home in the future.

Learning about your finances

You will be able to make your finances work for you instead of against you. and you will be able to make sure that your bills and debt are paid off on time.

One of the things that you need to understand about personal finance is that it is not just about taking out a loan or saving up for a home. This part of the process is necessary in order for you to truly be successful. Although you may have saved up for a nice car, if you fail to do any type of personal finance before you purchase that vehicle, you will end up going into a bad financial situation that will be very difficult to get out of.

Another thing you need to learn about personal finance is how to keep track of what you have done and what you are spending money on. The best way to do this is to look for any debts that you have. and to work to make sure that you pay those debts off as soon as possible.

The ability to control your money

You will find that this will help you become financially successful. This is because you will be able to stay on top of your finances and not fall behind on anything. With good money management skills, you will see that there are no hard times and you will have less debt to worry about.

All you need to do to learn about personal finance is to take some time to get some basic information about it. As long as you are willing to learn and understand, you will be on the right track to be financially successful.

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How to Apply for Private Trades SME Loan Fri, 21 Feb 2020 23:57:33 +0000 As we know, Good Credit Bank is a bank established in 1933 in order to support SMEs and tradesmen as a result of the legal regulations made by the state. Besides, it has been organizing special loan campaigns for SMEs and tradesmen for years and continues these campaigns today.

In this article, we, as Good Finance, will try to share Good Creditbank Private Tradesmen and SME Loan applications, what kind of documents are required, and briefly present important points about these loans to you.

Credit Packs That Tradesmen Can Withdraw From Good Credit Bank

Credit Packs That Tradesmen Can Withdraw From Good Credit Bank

There are 4 different loan packages specially created for tradesmen at Good Credit Bank. These; Loans with ESKKK Guarantee, Loans Without Bail from ESKKK, Tradesman Loans with 0 Interest, Public Trades Support Package. In these packages; the content, application conditions and the amount of loans that can be withdrawn differ. Let’s take these packages for you individually. For more detailed information on ESKKK Bail, it will be useful to take a look at this article.

Credit from Good Creditbank with ESKKK Guarantee

With the ESKKK (Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit Bail Cooperatives) Guarantee from Good Credit Bank, the interest rate starts from 4 percent, and the maximum loan amount you can withdraw is determined as 150 thousand USD. At this point, depending on which risk group your ESKKK is in, the amount of credit you can withdraw may decrease accordingly. These figures are 75 thousand USD and 100 thousand USD. The longest maturity period you can use in terms of maturity is 60 months, or 5 years. As for the payment; You can set up payment periods every 6 months, 3 months or monthly.

Who Can Apply?


People who can apply for loans with Good Creditbank’s Bail on ESKKK; It must be one of the people registered in the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans and the Registry of Tradesmen and Artisans, and also tradesmen and tradesmen cooperative with the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Cooperative.

Required Documents and Application

Those who want to apply for this loan; It will be required to present the Tradesmen Room Registration Document along with the ID copy and the Tax Registration Copy of the Tradesman Registration Certificate. These documents will be able to open a loan application. You can make your loan applications to Good Credit Bank branches.

Credit from Good Credit Bank without ESKKK Guarantee

Credit from Good Credit Bank without ESKKK Guarantee

If you do not have a position to offer ESKKK bail; In this case, it is possible to get tradesmen loans from Good Credit Bank. In order to meet your needs such as raw materials; Funding support is provided to tradesmen from Good Credit Bank up to 150 thousand USD, with a 5-year and 60-month maturity, and 6-month, 3-month and monthly payment terms. The amount of credit you can withdraw; A situation assessment will be made by the bank and will be determined according to your income and expense balance. This amount will vary between 100 thousand, 125 thousand or 150 thousand USD .

Who Can Apply

Those who want to withdraw trades from Good Credit Bank without the guarantee of ESKKK; Necessary conditions will be met for this loan type if they are not a partner of ESKKK and registered in the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans and the Registrar’s Office of Tradesmen and Craftsmen.

Required Documents and Application

In order to apply for a tradesman loan without the ESKKK Bail; You will need to bring your photocopy of your identity card, Chamber of Merchant Registration, Certificate of Tradesman Registration and Tax Board.

Zero Interest Tradesmen Loan

Good Creditbank offers low interest tradesmen loans for SMEs and tradesmen as well as zero interest tradesmen loans. For tradesmen and SMEs who can benefit from this loan type, 100 percent interest exemption is applied, that is, no interest is collected. Refunds are made only up to the principal withdrawal.

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Online loans bad credit ok -Online loans for bad credit: easy online application Wed, 05 Feb 2020 03:50:43 +0000 People’s demand for cash is at this time, unavoidable the higher the rise. One solution to this situation is to apply for an online loan for bad credit. As time went on, lending services became available online, making the online lending process easier and more accessible to the public.

Online loans for bad credit: easy online application

One way to receive funds online safely is through the online loan application for an online loan for bad credit by configuring… They are a financial technology company that provides an online loan application that allows you to borrow funds without the need for a credit card as a condition of your loan.

Not only that, you do not need to prepare your assets for collateral as the loan system in Good Credit is similar to Credit Lending. Then is this Good Credit loan application secure? How does it work? Check out the following reviews.

Anti-Fraud Online Loan Technology

Good Credit’s application is now using a technology called anti-fraud. According to Bank Indonesia circular dated December 09, 2011 No. 13 / 28DPNP, fraud is fraudulent or fraudulent act committed to defraud, defraud or manipulate banks, customers, or others occurring in the Bank’s environment and/or using the Bank’s means resulting in bank, customer, or other loss and/or fraudulent gainers either directly or indirectly.

Thus, it is clear that Good Credit already has a good and secure online loan application indicator. Because all data and info related to customer identity and transactions are securely stored. This is also supported by the availability of OTP code technology to maintain customer privacy and account verification.

Good Credit’s application is also running and registered under the Financial Services Authority, so it can be verified and has the legal permission to operate in Indonesia.

Easy Application Requirements

To apply for a loan through the Good Credit fund lending application, the terms are also simple. All you need is a photo of your ID, your Tax ID, and your social media account.

The technology used by the Good Credit system enables the system to perform data verification and analysis of your social media to determine your financial profile and determine the level of risk involved in lending funds.

Fast Process

To apply for a loan, creditors wait for 2 x 24 hours for the data verification process, before Good Credit finally lends it or not. If the personal data you provide is complete and correct (not a manipulation of the data), then the data verification process will end quickly.

Through the Good Credit app, you can freely choose your loan tenor according to your needs and repayments. Enjoy installments ranging from 1 to 6 months with competitive rates!

Fixed Loan Installment and Transparency Fee

Good Credit’s installment system seems to be advantageous, given the flat rate of interest. So the amount of the installment you pay from the beginning of the loan to the end of the loan period remains constant.

So the interest rate is unlike other fluctuating loan lending which, if interest rates go up, can be detrimental to borrowers.

In addition, the cost of service to the borrower is the cost of the risks and the operating costs. The fees or service charges imposed by Good Credit can be reduced if the debtor pays/repays the loan on time or before the due date. These costs are also presented in a transparent manner without any other hidden costs.

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How to apply for payday loans without changing banks Tue, 04 Feb 2020 17:42:52 +0000 In fact, there are a number of payday loans online that you can request without changing banks. These payday loans offer aid to all types of people and can be credits of up to 50,000 dollars without making any complex procedure and without links with another bank.

That is to say, you are not obliged to resort to your usual entity to request loans, but you can request a payday loan in another bank that offers you better conditions.

Do you know how to find the loan that suits you?

Do you know how to find the loan that suits you?

Financial institutions can offer you different ways of financial aid without obligation to change banks. Either in the form of a micro-loan, loans with a guarantee of some kind (such as a loan with a guarantee with a car) or even home equity loans.

Of course, if the main thing is not to change your bank, you have three basic types of financing that do not require the need to change entities:

  • Microcredits
  • Credit cards
  • payday loans

In Good Finance we offer you this service, you can request a payday loan without changing your bank by filling out the following questionnaire. We take care of finding the entities that best suit you and we analyze your case to find those that can grant you the loan without problems. And the best thing is that we give you an almost immediate response.

Where to apply for these credits without changing banks?

Where to apply for these credits without changing banks?

There are mainly three types of financial institutions that can grant this type of credit.

  1. First, private lenders or private financing entities. These allow us to obtain credits online quickly regardless of our bank. Here you can see the financial institutions with which we collaborate in Good Finance and that can grant you the loan without changing your entity.
  2. Secondly, the banks themselves offer some financial aid without needing to belong to their bank. Although in this case the search is more complicated and slower.
  3. And finally, through crowdlending platforms that allow obtaining loans between individuals. In this case you must also manage directly with the platforms which increases the time of receiving the money.

Advantages apply for a loan without changing banks

Advantages apply for a loan without changing banks

The best thing about these credits and payday loans is how quickly they are processed. Especially if you process it from a platform like ours, you will get a quick and efficient response, since we have direct communication with dozens of entities that can grant you the loan without having to change your bank.

But another advantage is to avoid the expensive process of changing banks to apply for a loan. This change is usually almost a nightmare: change receipts, cards, money transfers, cancellation of other loans, savings plans, etc. Online payday loans without change of entity offer us immediate financing without sacrificing the advantages offered by our own bank.

In any case it is a way for the client to apply for the most beneficial payday loan for their economic situation without involving an administrative disruption. What does it sound good to?

Requirements to obtain a credit without change of entity

Requirements to obtain a credit without change of entity

As far as the necessary requirements to be able to resort to this type of aid and to receive some type of personal credit online without the obligation to change your bank are very simple. In fact, they are basically the same as to ask for a loan in your entity always or to open a new bank account.

These requirements are the basic conditions of any credit by any financial entity. Such as:

  • We must reside in Spain (indicating our address)
  • At the same time, we will have to be of legal age to apply for these credits (we verify by providing our ID or identity document)
  • Have sufficient income that allows us to return payment fees without risk of default. Sometimes a recent payroll or invoice is requested related to the bank account where the payday loan is to be entered and from which the installments will be collected.
  • It is preferable not to be in any list of delinquents such as Financial Credit Institutions, since this way we will have more options when choosing our loan. If we are on a list, we must try to cancel the debt as quickly as possible to get out of the delinquency list. Or put some type of guarantee to grant us the loan more quickly.

This type of financial services gives you the ability to compare between different products and request the payday loan that offers you greater benefits. At Good Finance we analyze your profile personally and individually. And the best: we put you in touch with the entities that offer you the best conditions.

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Soldier loan – the loan for soldiers Fri, 31 Jan 2020 17:17:35 +0000 Serving as a soldier for the country is generally a great thing. But do you know that banks reward engagement? This is done in the form of special loans that only professional and temporary soldiers receive. They also get loans from the house bank, but the terms are usually worse. A visit to Capital Lender is worthwhile, because we compare the best offers.

Best Bank employer

Best Bank employer

The Best Bank’s primary task is to ensure peace. This includes ensuring relaxation and reconstruction in crisis-ridden regions. Conscription continued until 2011, and today the state is only permitted to call soldiers in the event of tension or defense. However, you can do voluntary and paid military service. Time soldiers decide how long they serve the Best Bank. The possible time spans are between four and 20 years, after which military service can theoretically continue until retirement age. Professional soldiers enter into an unlimited employment relationship right from the start. Apprenticeships as well as further training measures at school are often part of the service, which is of benefit to the professional career after leaving the company.

Best Bank: top earnings and financial security

Best Bank: top earnings and financial security

The Best Bank’s earning opportunities are ideal for professional and temporary soldiers. The salary is similar to the salaries of civil servants (comparable to loans for police officers), it results from the federal salary regulations A and B. The grade and the years worked determine how high the salary is. In individual cases, special supplements are added, for example for pilots, combat swimmers or company sergeants. Depending on the living conditions, married as well as compulsory military service recipients receive substantial family allowances in addition to the basic salaries. In short, unlike many other people, soldiers are financially well off. Those who do military service do not become unemployed so quickly. The pay comes regularly to the account and a loss of income is not expected. Banks reward this with attractive framework conditions, since in most cases there is long-term planning certainty. You know very well that you are very likely to get your money back. Soldiers are valued borrowers at almost all financial institutions.

In principle, professional soldiers have the status of civil servants because they serve the state until retirement age, like teachers, ambassadors, police officers and the like. So you are also entitled to a solid pension. You even have the option of taking a medium or higher civil service career within the Best Bank. That is why banks often refer to soldier loans as civil servant loans. The career is open for temporary soldiers. After military service, they can start a new job on the free labor market, but they too are entitled to pension payments. How high these are depends on the number of years of service.

Despite good earning potential, the wages are not always enough to make the necessary purchases, treat yourself to a vacation trip or buy a new car. A soldier’s loan opens up financial freedom. What soldiers use a loan for is up to them. The loans are suitable for both short and long-term financing.

Residual debt insurance: compensate for risks financially

Residual debt insurance: compensate for risks financially

In peacetime, the risk of suffering damage to health while working is quite low. The situation is different, however, for war and foreign missions. If soldiers get into conflict, nobody can guarantee the integrity of life and limb. But that’s because of the nature of things and young professionals as well as old hands are aware of the dangers. To ensure that relatives do not remain on an open loan in the event of death, there are residual debt insurance plans. They can be taken out in addition to the loan on a voluntary basis. In the event of non-indebted payment defaults, such as incapacity for work or unemployment, they step in. In such cases, the rather expensive insurance companies pay outstanding outstanding debts. They offer a high degree of financial security, particularly for long-term loans.

Soldier loans: It depends on the term

Soldier loans: It depends on the term

Soldier credits score with attractive special conditions. When applying, it does not matter whether the soldier is a woman or a man. The only difference is the type of military service. Just a reminder: temporary soldiers are committed for several years, professional soldiers are employed by the Best Bank for an unlimited period of time. Those who belong to the first professional group benefit from top interest rates on loans with short terms. Temporary soldiers receive loans with simplified acceptance requirements, with no lengthy processing procedures to be expected. Professional soldiers receive attractive conditions for short and long-term loans.

When applying, time soldiers should especially note that the expected service time is longer than the term. In general, the amount of the loan must be financially sustainable – by the way, this applies to all forms of loan. If the burden is too high, a carelessly chosen loan quickly turns out to be a financial effort. Sufficient creditworthiness always has a positive effect. You can increase this with a second borrower, among other things, if the pay is insufficient for the financing request. Numerous banks are also accommodating, which means that existing SCHUFA entries can still result in a loan. For temporary and professional soldiers, it is advisable to notify the bank of current and upcoming international missions in order to avoid legal disputes from the outset.

Compare soldier loans with Capital Lender

Compare soldier loans with Capital Lender

Soldier loans can be applied for conveniently online – 365 days a year, around the clock. The way to the bank and the associated appointments with the customer advisor are unnecessary. But not every financial service provider offers special soldier loans. If this is the case, however, the loans can sometimes be difficult to identify on the provider website, they often hide behind other names. Better stick to a professional like Capital Lender. We search the tariff jungle with a professional eye and present you with the most attractive soldier loans.

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Online credit with instant approval | Exclusive offer in just 2 minutes Mon, 13 Jan 2020 17:07:33 +0000 Online loans give banks high sales

Online loans give banks high sales

Banks advertise their products a lot. Online loans in particular are repeatedly advertised intensively on the Internet. This is no coincidence, because banks make good money from lending.

When taking out a loan, you should make sure that you do it reasonably. It is not uncommon for consumers to apply for credit too carelessly and thus get into a debt trap. It makes sense to finance important and long-lasting purchases, such as furniture or household appliances, with a loan; it is rather unwise to use a loan for luxury goods or items that are not really necessary.

Before you apply for an online loan

Before you apply for an online loan

Before you apply for a loan online, you should try to use all free funds to avoid debt. Some consumers also prefer to borrow money from family or friends. This type of loan often results in lower or no interest.

Banks always grant a loan over a certain term. A term of twelve to 120 months is usually to be agreed for an installment loan. The shorter the loan term, the higher the monthly loan installments to be paid, but the cost of the loan itself is also lower. If the personal financial situation allows it, you should choose a short term to pay off the loan as quickly as possible and thus save costs.

Longer terms equate to higher interest rates

Longer terms equate to higher interest rates

However, many consumers want to avoid high monthly rates and therefore choose a longer term. The monthly installments are then low, but the interest rates are higher and thus the total cost of the loan applied for. A loan can often be redeemed early: for example, through bonus payments or due to some other blessing.

Early repayment is not a problem for loans because loans can be terminated at any time. It may well be that a prepayment penalty has to be paid to the bank, but this is only one percent of the outstanding loan amount. If the loan contract only runs for twelve or less months, only 0.5 percent is incurred. This means that the costs of paying off a loan early are limited. For this reason, it is worth striving for an early redemption because this can often save you relatively high borrowing costs.

Inexpensive online loan – creditworthiness required!

Inexpensive online loan - creditworthiness required!

Before a loan is issued by a German bank, the creditworthiness of the borrower must be checked. For this, evidence of a permanent and non-terminated employment relationship as well as a regular and sufficient income are required. In addition, a query of the Credit Bureau data is part of every credit check.

Credit Bureau information is obtained to check how the customer’s past payment history was and whether he can be classified as creditworthy. The better a consumer is at Credit Bureau, the more likely it is that a loan will be granted. Those who have negative entries or characteristics can usually not get a loan from a German bank.

However, it is now possible to get a loan without Credit Bureau. This is a so-called credit without Credit Bureau which is granted by banks abroad. It is now also possible to take out a loan without proof of income.

In any case, it makes sense to check the data in advance at Credit Bureau to see whether all entries are correct. If this is not the case, Credit Bureau is obliged to correct the data. So that the Credit Bureau data are not negatively influenced, it is important when making a loan comparison to only make condition requests to the various banks and not credit requests.

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Loans despite unemployment Sat, 11 Jan 2020 17:24:11 +0000 In terms of income, people who have been out of work for a longer period of time only have the social allowance paid to them by the state. However, this does not represent income in the sense of the general credit conditions, which is why it is very difficult for the unemployed to get help in the form of a loan in the event of financial problems. Especially since the monthly social allowance is often just enough to maintain your livelihood.

Loan offer via the house bank

Loan offer via the house bank

In this case, a loan offer via the house bank is omitted directly. Credit providers on the Internet nevertheless offer corresponding financing offers that are also suitable for the unemployed. Loans for the unemployed or unemployment loans can also be used to get new liquid funds for people without a job. The mediated loans can also be processed without Schufa, which is especially important for the unemployed and their creditworthiness.

But how is it possible to get a loan as an unemployed person?

In contrast to the house bank, where the customer’s solvency counts, it is the case with a loan for the unemployed that the loan collateral must be provided in the form of guarantees, real estate or by a co-applicant. The creditworthiness can also be achieved if a co-applicant (spouse, relatives, etc.) has sufficient income. It is important for the unemployed borrower but that one should not take out a loan at any cost, even if one is currently in a financially explosive situation.

Because a loan has to be repaid in the long term, which means that the monthly installments have to be paid over this time and your own income has to withstand this burden permanently. If you are sure you want to apply for a loan for the unemployed, you should first compare some offers and only then decide on the suitable offer with the best conditions. In the case of unemployment, also make sure that some insurance contracts waive the contributions during the period of unemployment.

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Credit for a trip around the world – finance your dream of freedom Sun, 22 Dec 2019 17:02:03 +0000 See the whole world once and collect unforgettable impressions. It should be clear to everyone that this is associated with high costs. Nevertheless, this dream can be fulfilled – with an installment loan. How this works and what you should pay attention to can be found in this article.

How much does a trip around the world cost?

How much does a trip around the world cost?

Of course, there is no general answer to this question. As different as the options for a trip around the world are, the cost factor is also different. In any case, you should plan to spend several thousand USD. To get a better idea of ​​how much money you actually need, you should first plan your entire trip. This includes questions such as:

  • Which countries / cities / regions do I want to see on the trip?
  • What type of accommodation do I prefer on the trip?
  • How do I want to travel? By plane / train / ship or as a backpacker?

Once these important questions have been clarified, you can be more specific in your travel considerations and draw up a plan. This travel plan can then be used to determine the actual costs of the trip around the world.

Anyone planning an extensive trip around the world will be on the road for several months. Most of the time you cannot avoid quitting your previous job. Some employers also offer the option of a sabbatical, i.e. a longer break from work. You should therefore also consider whether you would like to look for a few temporary jobs during the trip to top up the travel budget or whether you really only want to see the world. In any case, you should have saved a lot yourself in order to have a healthy financial basis for the trip. You can top up the missing amount with a loan. However, you should avoid overextending your own overdraft facility. Always plan for a financial buffer for unpredictable expenses. Nothing is worse than stranding anywhere in the world without money in your pocket and then not coming home.

The type of world tour is crucial

The type of world tour is crucial

There are basically two different ways to travel the world:

  1. An organized trip around the world.
  2. Plan a trip around the world on your own.

The first variant has the advantage that the costs can be planned relatively easily in advance. One of these offers is, for example, the Star Alliance world travel plane ticket. This association of around 30 airlines offers the possibility of a “Round-The-World-Ticket” in different price ranges. You can determine the number of flights and stops yourself and thus put together your own world travel route. In Economy Class, you can get a total of around 3,000 to 4,000 USD. Do not forget that additional costs for accommodation and meals should be taken into account.

The preparations for a self-organized world tour are much more extensive. Cost planning is also more complex. From experience reports from previous world travelers, the following values ​​can be used as a rough guide:

  • Travel preparation takes up about a quarter of the costs. This includes, for example, clothing, equipment, necessary vaccinations, visa applications, etc.
  • Another quarter takes on transportation costs, such as flights, train and ship tickets.
  • With around half of all expenses, the cost of living during the trip is bookable. Most of the money spent on accommodation, food and the financing of unique experiences during the trip.

In addition, not only the trip itself should be planned financially. In particular, if you quit your job before starting the trip, you should also put up a financial cushion for the time after your return. No matter what your trip around the world will look like, you shouldn’t expect a total of less than 20,000 USD to be on the safe side.

Finance the dream of the world trip with a loan – how it works!

Finance the dream of the world trip with a loan - how it works!

Very few people who dream of a trip around the world have the necessary savings and financial means to pay for them entirely out of their own pockets. An installment loan can therefore help make the dream a reality. In order to be able to take out a credit for the world tour, some important principles apply:

  • Take out the loan before quitting your safe job for the trip!
  • When you start out, think about how you want to repay the loan without regular income during the trip.
  • Be aware that you are likely to pay off the funding even after the trip is over.

You should pay attention to this when borrowing for the world tour

You should pay attention to this when borrowing for the world tour

In order not to make your dream of a trip around the world a nightmare through the necessary credit, you should pay particular attention to three points when taking out a loan:

The loan amount must be sufficient for your trip!

So that you don’t run aground in the middle of nowhere during your trip around the world, you should make sure that you choose the loan amount accordingly. After you have planned your trip and set up the associated costs, you should take this sum plus a corresponding buffer as a loan. In this way, you can also avoid having to interrupt the trip in between due to lack of money. How much money you actually get from the bank also depends on your credit rating.

The term must match your project!

In order to keep the rates as low as possible during your trip around the world, you can extend your credit over a correspondingly long term. In this way you can reduce your financial burden during the trip and pay off the loan in peace when you are back and go to work. With the option of a special repayment, you can also redeem the loan prematurely when you have more money available.

Choose the right monthly rate!

If you are on a longer trip, it is very likely that you will not have a fixed income during this time. Accordingly, you should set the lowest possible monthly rate for this time. So you can enjoy your trip around the world without the financial hassle.

Once you have found the right loan, you can apply for it directly online at Capital Lender. You will not incur any costs for the loan request. If your loan has been approved by the bank, you will usually have the payment in your account within a few days.

Conclusion on the credit for the world trip

A trip around the world is the dream of many people. To make it a really positive experience that you will rave about for a long time, you need to plan as precisely as possible, especially with regard to finances. A credit can help to increase your own savings, so that the dream of a trip around the world can become reality. With our loan comparison, you will find exactly the loan that fits your project and can thus enable you to have an unforgettable time.

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What you should absolutely know about your credit rating Mon, 16 Dec 2019 17:33:20 +0000 Personal creditworthiness plays an important role when you want to apply for a loan. In addition, this is usually the decisive criterion for providers when it comes to a new cell phone contract, ordering on the Internet, or financing a new car. But what is actually behind it and what things should you pay attention to? Find out in this article!

What does creditworthiness mean?

What does creditworthiness mean?

The term creditworthiness originally comes from the Latin word “bonitas”, which can be translated as “goodness”, “quality” or “quality”. In the financial segment, creditworthiness is synonymous with the creditworthiness of a person or a company. The creditworthiness or creditworthiness of a borrower thus reflects the risk that the bank would take if it were to lend to the relevant borrower. A poor credit rating represents an increased risk and a very good credit rating represents a very low risk of default.

How is the credit rating assessed?

How is the credit rating assessed?

If you want to take out a loan, the lending bank will check your credit rating during the application process. In this way, the bank would like to ensure that you can also repay the desired loan amount. Credit checks are also carried out, for example, if you want to conclude a new mobile phone contract, finance a car or lease. The providers of other products and services would also like to check whether you will meet the payment obligations in the future.

Data on your creditworthiness are stored at so-called credit bureaus and requested in the event of a creditworthiness check.

The protection association for general credit protection, in short: Credit Bureau, is probably the best known and most used credit agency when it comes to assessing individual creditworthiness.

How is the credit rating influenced?

At Credit Bureau, creditworthiness is measured using a creditworthiness score. To do this, Credit Bureau stores data about you and your payment history. In particular, it is about information about:

  • existing bank accounts and credit cards
  • current cell phone contracts or other payment obligations
  • outstanding loans and installments

This information is reported to Credit Bureau by the respective contractual partners. For example, if you conclude a cell phone contract, the provider reports this contract to Credit Bureau. Basically, this is not bad, quite the opposite: if you have a lot of positive entries at Credit Bureau, this shows that you have good creditworthiness and meet your payment obligations.

However, if you are no longer able to meet your payment obligations, the contract partner will notify Credit Bureau of a payment disturbance in the current contract. This can be the case, for example, if you can no longer pay the installments of a loan taken out. The reporting of a payment disturbance results in a negative entry at Credit Bureau, which worsens your credit rating.

Since Credit Bureau only collects and stores data from which your credit score is calculated, errors can easily creep into this data. For example, a loan that has long been repaid can still be registered as open. This can also happen if the bank failed to inform Credit Bureau about the repayment of the loan. In this case, your credit score could be worse than it should be, as a fully repaid loan is a positive feature and can improve the credit score. In this case, you should check that your data is correct and have it corrected if necessary. To do this, simply submit the decision regarding the complete repayment of the loan to Credit Bureau. By the way, to check the stored data, you have a legal right to free information about your stored data once a year.

When will the data be deleted from Credit Bureau?

Data entered will not be saved forever. As soon as a claim has been reported as settled, the deletion process usually begins. Different deletion rules apply to different entries. As a rule, entries are saved for three years. The following exceptions also apply:

  • If the claims are not titled, they will be deleted immediately if they are settled within six weeks of entry.
  • Amounts of less than 2,000 USD are also deleted immediately if the debt has been settled within six weeks of being entered in the register.
  • Special regulations apply to minors. As soon as an entry has been reported as completed, it will be deleted immediately.

What factors still play a role in lending?

What factors still play a role in lending?

The credit check is an indispensable tool for banks to assess the default risk. In addition to the credit rating of the credit bureaus, banks also pay attention to other criteria in order to better assess the risk. Banks can determine the requirements for credit approval themselves, which is why they can vary from provider to provider. This essentially includes:

  • The professional circumstances of the applicant
    This includes questions such as:

    • Are you employed or self-employed?
    • How long have you been / have been with the current employer?
    • How long has your business existed (for self-employed)?
    • What is your income?
  • The applicant’s financial situation
    Some banks offer better conditions for customers with material possessions, which in case of doubt can serve as security for the loan. These include, for example:

    • real estate
    • Works of art or valuable antiques
    • Securities / life insurance / savings
    • High quality jewelry or precious metals like gold
  • The economic situation of the applicant
    When lending, it is crucial that you can repay the monthly installment on time. The key to this is what your budget bill looks like:

    • What is the regular income (salary, rental income, profit from self-employment, etc.)?
    • How much are the regular expenses (rent, electricity, telephone, insurance, other loans, etc.)
    • Is the difference between income and expenses large enough to pay the monthly installment of the loan applied for?
  • The personal circumstances of the applicant
    In addition to the economic situation, the personal living conditions for a bank are also interesting. The following points are particularly important:

    • What is your current marital status?
    • Do you have children?
    • How old are they?
  • The social circumstances of the applicant
    Even though it may sound unfair to some people, some banks also consider the following points when evaluating the risk of a loan:

    • In which environment do you live (“problem area” or “flagship district”)?
    • Have you moved often in the past few years?

Conclusion on creditworthiness

Conclusion on creditworthiness

The credit rating indicates your creditworthiness. It is decisive for whether a bank grants a loan and on what terms. If you always meet your payment obligations, you usually have a good credit rating. If loans, rent or other payment obligations cannot be paid, a negative Credit Bureau entry is made. This lowers your credit rating, which can make it difficult or even impossible to take out new loans.

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Non-bank loans online – information, examples. Fri, 22 Nov 2019 09:29:51 +0000 Non-bank loans are more tolerant of the creditworthiness of their clients than bank loans, forgiving them lower or irregular income and, in some cases, records in the registers.

Some of them are close to bank consumer credit, while others are difficult to find in the banking world. A new feature of recent years is P2P loan, a loan from people.

Non-bank credit companies are also within the competence of the Fine National Bank (FNB) and are subject to the same legislation as banks in the area of ​​consumer loans.

Requirements for applicants

Requirements for applicants

Out-of-bank lending companies set the price of their loans significantly higher than banks. The reason for this is that they need to cover a higher default risk. And where does the higher level of risk come from? The fact that non-bank loans are also provided to less creditworthy clients. That’s why almost anyone can reach them. Usually, the applicant has to fulfill only the following conditions:

  • At least 18 years of age , sometimes the upper age limit is determined
  • Permanent residence in the Fine Republic – the condition also applies to foreigners. And they have to live with us for more than a year
  • At least some income – usually just a statement of account
  • Net registers – but only applies to some non-banking firms. Many companies tolerate registers or do not check them at all.



Loans from the non-banking market are particularly popular for the following benefits:

  • Availability for most applicants
  • Less “paperwork” and administration
  • Possibility to postpone installments
  • Quick settlement and provision of money
  • Wide range of products
  • Possibility of borrowing from people
  • First free loan available



The advantages of these loans are of course offset by a number of disadvantages. The main ones include:

  • Higher loan price
  • Higher risk of the client’s inability to repay the loan
  • Requirements for quick repayment and several thousand amounts (especially for so-called quick loans)
  • High fees for extending maturity
  • Risk that the applicant will encounter a provider that is not approved by the FNB

Types of loans non-bank loans

Types of loans non-bank loans

Non-bank loans are very varied. They offer a wide range of minimum and maximum amounts, installment schedule settings, and customization. In most cases these are smaller quick loans (often the first free loan) with different conditions for granting them.

Non-banking companies will also offer a medium-sized loan or even a loan of several million – with real estate collateral and possibly a guarantor. These loans are most often referred to by the following names:

  • Payday loan
  • SMS loan
  • Loan without register
  • Loan without proof of income
  • Hand loan
  • Loan immediately on account
  • Quick Loan
  • American mortgage

What about non-bank loans where they really lend to everyone?

Non-bank loans suggest that they are available to all applicants and are often presented in this way. But even in the non-banking sector, every loan applicant must be adequately screened. Often demanded non-bank loans, where they really lend to everyone so they are just a phrase, not a real product. People without employment, execution, insolvency or without income have practically no chance of getting a legal loan.

Examples of loans

Examples of loans

Non-banking companies can offer both fast money and a higher loan, such as a car. Let’s take a look at some of them.

• Home Good Loan

Home Good loan offers 10,000 to 250,000 crowns, while the maturity period can be set to 36 – 96 months. Additional services can be added to the loan. And its big advantage is zero fees for handling, management and early repayment of the loan. Of course, the loan can be arranged via the Internet.

• Provident start

Provident offers a loan from USD 3,000 to 9,000. The repayment period is fixed, namely three months. The big advantage of this loan is zero fees and prices, so the client returns only as much as borrowed. The loan can be conveniently arranged online.

• Merratu Credit

it is a flexible loan operating on a similar principle to an overdraft or revolving loan. The upper limit is USD 50,000, the amount of installments and their amount are purely at the discretion of the client. The advantage is the need to pay only the daily interest and the fee for drawing the amount. There is no charge for changing installments. It can be pumped repeatedly.

• ExtraLend

The loan is offered by ExtraLend and starts at USD 100. The maximum amount of this loan is USD 35,000. The minimum repayment period is 61 days, up to 76 months. There is a fee for using the loan. Of course, you can also apply for this loan online via the Internet.

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