How to Apply for Private Trades SME Loan

As we know, Good Credit Bank is a bank established in 1933 in order to support SMEs and tradesmen as a result of the legal regulations made by the state. Besides, it has been organizing special loan campaigns for SMEs and tradesmen for years and continues these campaigns today.

In this article, we, as Good Finance, will try to share Good Creditbank Private Tradesmen and SME Loan applications, what kind of documents are required, and briefly present important points about these loans to you.

Credit Packs That Tradesmen Can Withdraw From Good Credit Bank

Credit Packs That Tradesmen Can Withdraw From Good Credit Bank

There are 4 different loan packages specially created for tradesmen at Good Credit Bank. These; Loans with ESKKK Guarantee, Loans Without Bail from ESKKK, Tradesman Loans with 0 Interest, Public Trades Support Package. In these packages; the content, application conditions and the amount of loans that can be withdrawn differ. Let’s take these packages for you individually. For more detailed information on ESKKK Bail, it will be useful to take a look at this article.

Credit from Good Creditbank with ESKKK Guarantee

With the ESKKK (Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit Bail Cooperatives) Guarantee from Good Credit Bank, the interest rate starts from 4 percent, and the maximum loan amount you can withdraw is determined as 150 thousand USD. At this point, depending on which risk group your ESKKK is in, the amount of credit you can withdraw may decrease accordingly. These figures are 75 thousand USD and 100 thousand USD. The longest maturity period you can use in terms of maturity is 60 months, or 5 years. As for the payment; You can set up payment periods every 6 months, 3 months or monthly.

Who Can Apply?


People who can apply for loans with Good Creditbank’s Bail on ESKKK; It must be one of the people registered in the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans and the Registry of Tradesmen and Artisans, and also tradesmen and tradesmen cooperative with the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Cooperative.

Required Documents and Application

Those who want to apply for this loan; It will be required to present the Tradesmen Room Registration Document along with the ID copy and the Tax Registration Copy of the Tradesman Registration Certificate. These documents will be able to open a loan application. You can make your loan applications to Good Credit Bank branches.

Credit from Good Credit Bank without ESKKK Guarantee

Credit from Good Credit Bank without ESKKK Guarantee

If you do not have a position to offer ESKKK bail; In this case, it is possible to get tradesmen loans from Good Credit Bank. In order to meet your needs such as raw materials; Funding support is provided to tradesmen from Good Credit Bank up to 150 thousand USD, with a 5-year and 60-month maturity, and 6-month, 3-month and monthly payment terms. The amount of credit you can withdraw; A situation assessment will be made by the bank and will be determined according to your income and expense balance. This amount will vary between 100 thousand, 125 thousand or 150 thousand USD .

Who Can Apply

Those who want to withdraw trades from Good Credit Bank without the guarantee of ESKKK; Necessary conditions will be met for this loan type if they are not a partner of ESKKK and registered in the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans and the Registrar’s Office of Tradesmen and Craftsmen.

Required Documents and Application

In order to apply for a tradesman loan without the ESKKK Bail; You will need to bring your photocopy of your identity card, Chamber of Merchant Registration, Certificate of Tradesman Registration and Tax Board.

Zero Interest Tradesmen Loan

Good Creditbank offers low interest tradesmen loans for SMEs and tradesmen as well as zero interest tradesmen loans. For tradesmen and SMEs who can benefit from this loan type, 100 percent interest exemption is applied, that is, no interest is collected. Refunds are made only up to the principal withdrawal.

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