10 Best Cities for Work-Life Balance (2022)

Software Kisi has compiled an ordered list of the world’s 100 best cities for 2022 based on data comparing “work intensity, institutional support, legislation and livability” in the current context of runaway inflation and fallout of the pandemic and Russian-Ukrainian Russia. War.

According to the study, Oslo – the coastal capital of Norway – is the best city in the world for a healthy work-life balance, rising to the top of its second place last year. Kisi reports that workers in Oslo take an average of 25 vacation days a year and receive 707 days of paid parental leave. Other factors that contributed to his perfect score include good healthcare, high air quality, and receptivity to remote work.

Of the top 10, six of the cities are European, and of the top 30, almost a third of the cities are German. The highest ranked US city is Seattle at 32 and the highest ranked Asian city is Tokyo at 14. Other statistics provided include the top five most overcrowded cities which are Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Montevideo in that order .

Factors considered by Kisi include the percentage of people working multiple jobs, vacation pay, gender equality, access to outdoor spaces, livability and more. Take a look at KISI’s top 100 rankings and scoring methodology here.

1. Oslo, Norway
2. Bern, Switzerland
3. Helsinki, Finland
4. Zurich, Switzerland
5. Copenhagen, Denmark
6. Geneva, Switzerland
7. Ottawa, Canada
8. Sydney, Australia
9.Stuttgart, Germany
10. Munich, Germany

In addition, the last public telephone in New York has been removed.

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