9 Pairs of Classic adidas Sneakers Every Rotation Needs

A sneaker rotation is only as good as its foundation. You can have all the wild kicks in the world, but if you don’t have a solid roster of classics to back it up, it will crumble at some point. There really is no better place to build this foundation than adidas.

The Three Stripes has been supplying sneakerheads with iconic sneakers since its inception 73 years ago, which means classic adidas sneakers have proven themselves.

From the Gazelle to the Stan Smith, classic adidas sneakers have all had their apex moments, but the difference between these silhouettes and the trending designs is that these never fall out of favor.

Take the Samba for example. 2021 has been a massive year for Samba, earning celebrity endorsements from A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, and more. 2022 hasn’t been a top-flight year for the headline-grabbing silhouette, but it remains a perennial favorite for millions of discerning collectors and fans.

Shop 9 of the best classic adidas sneakers below.


Originally released in 1968 as a football sneaker, the adidas Gazelle has enjoyed subculture love since its earliest days. Favored in the world of British casuals for its simple design and bold colourways, this timeless sneaker is up there with the safest bets in the game.

Stan Smith

The Stan Smith is essentially the prototype for understated sneakers. The tennis sneaker is famous for its use of the signature white and green colourway and recent editions of the style feature off-white soles for a taste of old times.

Campuses of the 80s

It’s pretty crazy how much basketball shoes have evolved over the past 40 years. Today’s high-tech designs are a far cry from the adidas Campus 80s. There’s no hiding it: we prefer these.

Vegan Samba

One of the things that puts classic adidas sneakers at the top of the pile is the brand’s ability to keep the selection fresh and new without changing too much. The Samba Vegan is the perfect example, swapping materials for vegan options but retaining all the features that made it a favorite in the first place.

Super star

Speaking of subcultural love, few have known more than the adidas Superstar. From B-Boy circles to countless dedicated lyrics, the cocky-toed legend will never die. The white and black iteration is the OG but we also love the white and green pair for summer.

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