A closer look at the Jordan 4 Red Thunders

Ever since the first pair was produced, Air Jordans have blown people away beyond the confines of sportswear and sneakers. Nike has designed countless models. He managed to release a new pair of shoes every year throughout Jordan’s career and beyond. The expectation has been high around the world for new releases, and Nike has not failed every time. As the sneaker industry shifted attention from the Air Jordan 1 to the Air Jordan 4, it felt like a relay race. The Air Jordan 4 took off where the Air Jordan 3 passed the button. More colorway pieces have been made available to retailers. Next to deserving a spot in your shoe game rack collection is this item’s signature design, the Jordan 4 Red Thunder.


Nike released the Jordan 4 Red Thunder to pay homage to the legendary Jordan who took basketball to new heights. According to Laced, this sneaker is reminiscent of 2006’s AJ4 “Thunder” with its jet black hue, premium suede upper and pop of color. The last time Michael Jordan was seen with this kick was in 1989 in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. This time he was beaten by the Detroit Pistons star of “Bad Boys” fame. Many years have passed since then, and the shoe has aged, Jordan even snagged his shooting gloves, but the shoe has remained popular ever since. It’s damn beautiful and brings nostalgia to everyone who sees it. For more than 20 years, sneakerheads have continued to celebrate as he recreates Michael Jordan in countless ways as he embodied a winning mentality throughout his career. The reason the Jordan 4 Thunder remained relevant for so many years is that it was made with non-original colorways that involved a collaboration of high profile individuals and brands. From the collaboration with Hip Hop legend Eminem in 2005 to Oreo in 1999. The pair was also revamped in 2020 by the Union LA edition to put that kick back in the spotlight. This Nike masterpiece continues to stay current while reinventing itself, ultimately giving those who missed it and the next generation of fashion enthusiasts a chance to own this sneaker.

2022 Jordan 4 Red Thunders Release Date

Nike has announced that they will be releasing this new edition of the Air Jordan collection around January 15th this year for the holiday lineup releases. To tell the story of this “Red Thunder”, we have to go back in time to 2006. In that year, Air Jordan only released eight pairs of these Jordan 4s. military” original used in the shoe’s rich heritage. He looked like the “Mars Blackmon”. He appeared in a commercial made by Jordan and Spike Lee. Most versions were available for sale at local sneaker stores, except for the Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning, which you could only get at Jumpman23.com. The Air Jordan website only had limited pieces. Everyone back then was looking for the black and yellow type, which only a few got. The Air Jordan 4 released in four different colorways in its first year.

The Black/Red iteration was the piece that grabbed the most vibe and garnered the most attention. This was due to its attractive stealth aesthetic and modern build by the designer. When the Jordan 4 Red Thunder market started, the Jordan brand developed the “Thunder & Lighting” collection, from which this shoe draws some similarities. Basically, the “Red Thunder” is a carbon copy of the predecessor “Tour Yellow”. The only difference is where the “Thunder” design was featured on the shoes. Another inclusion on the Red Thunder is a black nubuck upper and white detailing placed on branding areas above the black rubber sole. When looking at the “Red Thunder”, the red and black scheme was designed to have the “Bred” quality. Red details have been further biased. It looks more “infrared” than “Varsity Red” that the original Air Jordan 1 had. Either way, it looks amazing because it’s easy to picture it as a throwback colorway of the 1989 release, the sister version of the Jordan 4s that Jordan used with the “Bred” colorway.

Did Jordan wear the Jordan 4 Red Thunders during a game?

Surprisingly, Michael Jordan didn’t wear the “Red Thunder” during his NBA playing time. He only appeared there on the sidelines during a basketball game between the Hornets and Knicks. Fast forward to 2021, the pending Jordan 4 Red Thunder is a nod to the OG Air Jordan 4 equipped with a premium upper, fiery red accents and black hue. When you first take a look at the Jordan 4 Red Thunder released in 2021, it bears a striking resemblance to the Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat” from 2020. According to Nice, the fabrication has been done from buttery soft suede placed in a jet black hue. The upper part is equipped with a fantastic breathable cage craftwork placed on the side walls to improve the ventilation of the show. Unlike the “Black Cat,” which has an all-black finish, “Red Thunder” features red underlays and a few extra hits of bold hue on the lace anchors, insole, and midsole. The famous traditional Michael Jordan Jump Man logo is placed in the usual place on the tongue of the shoe. An Air unit is created in the heel of the shoe.

final verdict

The Jordan 4 Red Thunder is here to stay, judging by how this sneaker has continued to reinvent itself, and more releases are expected in 2022 that will retail for $190. The demand for these sneakers is constantly growing all over the world. Why do you need to be left behind? It’s time to make a choice and get ahead of the crowd by getting yourself a pair of these dope shoes. This sneaker is one of the best silhouettes with versatile colorways, a perfect option to include in your shoe rack to add color to your regular cuts and walk confidently as the winner the shoes represent.

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