Adidas 2022 Visor Review

I know what you’re thinking Chichi I’m not a 54 year old male who plays golf or tennis. You don’t have to be one either to join the wide world of visor wearers – for one, I’m definitely not. I took a look at some reviews (there are over 4,000) for the Adidas Superlite 2 Performance visor and quickly learned that I’m not alone in this feeling. A newly converted visor lover explained in his Amazon review: “I thought visors were for tennis grandmas. I was wrong. This thing was the highlight of my working summer wardrobe. on a lake. Not only did I have a sport-chic look, but it protected my eyeballs from the sun. It also acted as a headband on hot days when my forehead was particularly wet!” Another reviewer, who also has a big head, sang the visor’s praises. “It’s been hard to find hats that fit my head, and I had pretty much given up for years. I decided to bet on it, and I’m glad I did. It’s stylish and practical , and while I was on vacation, I saw myself reaching for it every time I walked through the door.” It was reassuring to learn that my experience was shared with so many others. Keep reading to find out exactly why this visor was a game-changer and has survived many days at the beach, park and more.

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