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Adidas hits the roads of Dubai with its inspiring new ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ campaign, featuring a roster filled with athletes; including Egypt and the Liverpool star “Mohamed salahEnglish footballer David Beckham and Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. After promoting his Hi-Energy Ultra Boost 21, Adidas’ new “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign has reappeared on Dubai billboards with a massive outdoor advertising campaign.

The “Nothing is Impossible” campaign as a whole is remarkable and remarkable because of the use of the power of storytelling and representation. Adidas’ new campaign succeeds in getting audiences to see themselves through athletes and individuals of different backgrounds in terms of nationality, gender and ethnicity, as people take them as inspiration to make dreams come true by listening to their documented journey, allowing people to relate to someone. in the countryside. This is exactly what Adidas is always keen to convey to their audience by encouraging them to be who they want to be.

As for the visuals, as it was previously mentioned, the ad campaign features three athletes; Mohamed Salah, David Bekcham and Carloine Wozniacki, conveying different inspiring messages. In other words, the ad copy quoted David Bekcham’s phrase “Where some see success, I see determination, dedication and teamwork”. Meanwhile, the copy of the ad highlights Mohamed Salah’s quote “Where some see a footballer, I see the possibilities to be a lot more”. On the other hand, the copy of the advertisement quoted in Arabic, the sentence of Caroline Wozniacki “حيث يري البعض لاعبة تعتزل أري ناشطة تقود الحراك لتمكين النساء من تحقيق طموحاتن ment.

Adidas’ new “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign kicks off the first week of May; on billboards at Sheikh Zayed Road and on Unipole billboards at Sheikh Zayed Road.


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