After the first season, Chris Rivers discusses Vertical Academy basketball

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Chris Rivers, formerly of Adidas, is the founder of Tribute Sports Management and in the article below he discusses the origins and mission of Vertical Academy Basketball.

Vertical Academy Basketball is an elite athletics program based in Charlotte, NC for exceptional high school basketball players. The program was developed to provide training and guidance to student-athletes as they prepare for the NCAA. Today, Chris Rivers explains that the Vertical Academy basketball team is made up of 10 exceptional players from across the United States who will become college basketball stars.

In this article, former Adidas executive Chris Rivers explores the history of the Vertical Academy Basketball, as well as its mission and purpose, by taking a closer look at some of its ongoing initiatives, facilities and organization. man behind the program.

Vertical Academy Basketball – An athletics initiative with a purpose

Vertical Academy Basketball is the product of the ongoing efforts of Program Director Mahlon Williams. After creating the So-Cal Girls Magic AAU team and securing athletic scholarships for more than 80 young athletes, Williams set her sights on the national scale, moved to the East Coast and created the Vertical Academy in 2021.

However, Vertical Academy Basketball isn’t your run-of-the-mill athletics program, says Chris Rivers, who has significant experience in athletic programs from his time at Adidas. It is a specialized and elite program that works in partnership with Lake Norman Christian School in Charlotte, North Carolina to attract outstanding high school basketball players from across the United States and pave the way for them to college and NCAA stardom.

Chris Rivers explains that by combining a high-quality education with cutting-edge athletic training and strong spiritual guidance, the Vertical Academy Basketball hopes to guide talented young men to future success, free from the constraints of a public school education.

Vertical Academy Basketball Facilities

Because the Vertical Academy attracts students from all over the United States, it must provide certain facilities for young men who live outside of Charlotte. The former Adidas executive reports that out of ten players currently training in the program, six come from out of state and are hosted by the program. Yet housing options are not the only facilities offered by the program.

As a premier athletics program, Vertical Academy Basketball also has access to multiple practice facilities, gymnasiums, and fields throughout the Charlotte metro area. These facilities are available to all student-athletes as part of their team membership.

When it comes time to study, Chris Rivers says, “Vertical Academy students are also given their own separate classroom to stay focused on their education and spiritual development. The team grows together and becomes a family through constant interaction, learning and training. »

Current initiatives of the Vertical Academy

Chris Rivers reports that beyond simply training and educating the best high school basketball players in the nation, the program also provides its students with a clear path to the NCAA by providing opportunities to play at the national. Students are expected to travel and compete while maintaining academic progress, much like a varsity athlete would.

To date, Vertical Academy has completed its inaugural season traveling to seventeen different states and competing against major basketball programs nationwide such as Montverde Academy, AZ Compass, Prolific Prep, Sierra Canyon and the new Overtime Elite. Plans for next season are underway as the Vertical Academy will continue to open doors for its student-athletes to college basketball and success in all aspects of life.

If Williams’ background is anything to judge by, Chris Rivers says those players should have no trouble getting scholarships to the top college basketball programs in the country.

Partners and sponsors

Chris Rivers reports that beyond its partnership with Lake Norman Christian School, Vertical Academy Basketball has also established relationships with a handful of local and national businesses. Through their sponsorships, the program has been able to secure team jerseys, fund travel costs, and provide top-notch facilities and resources to the young men currently enrolled in the program.

Current Vertical Academy Basketball sponsors include:

  • LACE CLIPS – A major brand producing digital activity trackers that can be attached to athletes’ shoelaces.
  • ZON Sports – A local sportswear retailer who helped the team obtain high quality jerseys and sportswear.
  • clean juice – A national juice bar chain headquartered in Charlotte that produces 100% USDA fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Puma– Global footwear and apparel brand.

According to Chris Rivers, Vertical Academy Basketball continues to accept sponsorship deals and is accepting applications from interested parties through its online web page. Vertical Academy Basketball is also available on Instagram or at 832-919-7866 if you would like to request more information. You can also find links to players’ social media accounts on the official Vertical Academy Basketball webpage.

Final Thoughts

Vertical Academy Basketball may only be a year old, but it “has quickly established itself as one of the best high school sports programs in the country,” says Chris Rivers. Through the dedication of its staff and founder, student-athletes from across the United States have come together to train, learn, and grow in athletic performance and spirituality. As Vertical Academy Basketball continues to grow, its players are sure to enjoy future success.

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