A&L Desk Recs: our favorite pair of shoes

Photo Illustration by Grace Everett | photo editor

By Erianne Lewis | Arts and Life Editor

Most people have certain shoes that they simply consider their favorite pair. Maybe it’s the Converse you got your freshman year of high school that you just refuse to put down because they go with everything. Or maybe it’s your new pair of shoes that you had to have, even if they’re a little impractical. Whatever the reason, these are the shoes you would use first in the event of a fire or flood. If you don’t have a favorite pair of shoes or are looking for a different one, here are some recommendations from the A&L staff.

Erianne Lewis | Arts and Life Editor

My New Balance 574 are easily my favorite pair of shoes. I saved them in March 2020, days before the pandemic shutdowns started, and definitely got my money back on these shoes. I paid $25 for them I believe and they were in pretty new condition, now they sell for around $80 or more. I love how easy it is to slip them on with any casual outfit and go about my day.

Avery Ballman | Writer Arts and Life

My favorite pair of shoes is Reebok Club C 85 vintage shoes. I love these shoes for the off white color and the comfort. Every time the Air Force Ones came out they made my feet look huge so I opted for these instead. My Reebooks match everything and are durable.

Emma Weidmann | Writer Arts and Life

I have been meticulously cared for and obsessed with my Doc Marten 1460 boots since I was a sophomore in high school. This was the first pair of shoes I saved money for. I remember feeling very cool and pissed off when I managed to grab all my birthday money and put it in for the first time. Doc Marten boots have become a staple in my wardrobe, and I can see myself wearing them for as long as they last. If the brand’s reputation for durability is to be believed, it should be a very long time. Catch me as the coolest 80-year-old grandma alive, still in my Doc Marten boots.

Ruhi Thapar | Arts and Life Intern

My favorite pair of shoes is my tall vans. These shoes are so versatile and come in a wide range of colors. I love pairing them with an Outdoor Voices sports dress and a denim jacket. They make a great addition to any outfit.

Clay Thompson | Arts and Life Intern

My trusty old tennis shoes: Under Armor Running Shoes. I’ve had these shoes for over three years and they haven’t ripped or broken yet. They work great for walking, running and are even quite reliable in heavy rain.

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