Athlete of the Week: Loghan Hughes closes decorated high school career with national title win | Sports

BFA-St. Albans senior Loghan Hughes has started his freshman year. Despite missed and shortened seasons by COVID-19, Hughes has enjoyed state and national success in three sports and will appear for the University of Connecticut’s D1 in the fall of 2022. She is also a two-time All-American in lacrosse feminine.

Q&A with Loghan Hughes

What will you remember from your racing career at BFA-St. Albanian? The most important thing for me is the speed and importance of running which has changed my life. I was nervous about quitting football; I had been playing all my life. But doing this turned out to be one of my best decisions. I fell in love with the sport and enjoyed the support of the running community.

If your ten year old self could see, could see this: There’s a part of me that wonders how it all happened so fast. I wanted to be an athlete when I was young, but I never thought I would race, win titles and win national championships.

How was it to experience the national championships? It was good that I walked in with no expectations. The girl who finished second behind me came out strong and had a huge lead. I didn’t think I was going to come back; with 200m to go, I saw that I could do it. The camera started following me, and it was surreal. I could hear the cheers – the energy was unreal.

What about the people who have been by your side? I say this every time, but I’m so grateful to all of my coaches in all of my sports for supporting me in what I love to do. I am so grateful to my lacrosse teammates who have supported me in pursuing my dreams. I am truly grateful to Ethan (Mashtare) and Coach Mike (Mashtare) for introducing me to the sport, teaching me and helping me succeed in all aspects of the sport. With lacrosse, it’s so clear how passionate Mary (Pipes) is about her players and the game. I know she’ll always have my back, and she’s someone I can go to for anything.

BFA-St. Albans track coach Mike Mashtare and Loghan Hughes pose for a post-race photo in Pennsylvania shortly after Hughes won the Rising Stars National Championship in the two-mile.

Running Highlights

Cross country: Loghan started his XC career in his freshman year.

Junior Highlights: Eighth at the NVAC Championships, 10th at the US D1 and eighth at the Meet the Champions.

Highlights of the past year: Loghan has won and set course records at Essex, Randolph and the BFA class race. She has the fastest time on the BFA’s top 10 list for every course she has raced.

She placed second at the Manchester, NH, Invite, third at the prestigious Manhattan College Invite, and eighth at the Burnt Hills Invite in Saratoga, NY, against the No. 1 ranked team in the United States, Saratoga. She won the Division 1 State XC title and two weeks later returned to Thetford for the New England Championships and placed 15th, becoming the highest ranked BFA rider of all time in New England. -England. She finished second at the Vermont Meet of Champions. At the Eastbay Northeast Regional XC Championships she placed 42nd, becoming the highest ranked BFA female rider at the prestigious event.

Nordic Ski: She started the technique-focused sport of Nordic skiing last winter. Logan placed 19th in classic technique and 16th in freestyle in D1, an incredible achievement for anyone, but especially for a beginner skier.

Indoor track: BFA St. Albans Indoor School Records: 600m 1:53.61, 800m 2:34.03. 1000m 3:15.50, 1500m 4:43.91, 1600m 5:04.85, Mile 5:06.63, 3000m 10:18.03, 3200m 10:56.2, 2 Mile 10:59.69.

State Champion: 1500m at 4:51.74 and 3000m at 10:52.23.

New England : fourth in the mile in 5:06.03 and 13th in the two mile in 11:30.75.

New Balance Indoor Nationals at The Armory in New York: 29th in the Rising Stars Mile in 5:22.22 and 54th in the Championship Division two-mile in 10:59.69.

Outdoor track: Loghan started running last spring (2021) playing lacrosse, where she is a two-time All-American.

2021: In the United States, she was fourth in the 1500m in 5:02.25 and third in the 3000m in 11:06.67.

2022: undefeated in 1500m and 3000m and D1 state champion in 4:35.55 and 10:26.62.

School reports: in the 1500m 4:35.55, 3000m 10:12.88 she is the fourth fastest girl from Vermont to run the 1500m and the sixth fastest in the 3000m. She is a member of the School Record CO-ED 4X400m relay team.

National Championship: Two miles in 10:55.21 at the 2022 New Balance Outdoor Championships.

BFA Coach Mike Mashtare: Loghan is one of a kind. His athletic talent is not yet fully appreciated. She’s so new to running that her times will only go down as she builds a base and trains daily with faster runners. Her strengths are her concentration, her discipline, her competitive spirit and her ability to adapt to the sport in which she participates. She’s set the bar high for anyone following in her footsteps, like her idol, Elle Purrier-St. Pierre, she will be one to watch for years to come.


Loghan Hughes celebrates a goal in the D1 State Championship lacrosse match with the BFA-St. Albans comets.

The Crosse

Hughes played three years of college lacrosse due to his 2020 season being canceled due to COVID.

Goals: 196

Aids: 74 (shooter takes no more than two steps before shooting. If more than that, it’s a stream.)

Overall Shot Percentage: 64%

Ground balls contested: 170 (balls on the ground must be fought, not just picked up.)

Turnover generated: 70

Draw control wins: 232

Comet Lacrosse Coach Mary Pipes: I had the privilege of coaching some very good lacrosse players at BFA. Five of them have scored at least 100 goals in four years. Leilani King, Erin Shuttle and Ellen Pipes all excelled on the court and were incredible impact players. Erin is a member of our 100+ goal club and has been a driving force for our offense. Ellen holds the record for draw control and owned the midfield, and Leilani was our top scorer, playmaker and most impact player with 133 goals and 74 assists in just three seasons. These three young women have one thing in common with LO: they have worked hard to perfect their craft.

From the first time I saw Logan with a staff in her hand as the Phantom, I knew she would be a force to be reckoned with. Her grit, determination, and willingness to put in the time and effort to hone her skills make her the most impactful player in Comet history. It was a daily occurrence to see her do two hours of lax training and then run for miles. Loghan’s commitment and work ethic gave him a significant advantage over everyone on the court. She’s a fantastic athlete with natural abilities, but I believe her love of the sport and the hard work she put in has put her above the pack so far on the lax field. It’s his legacy to Comet Lacrosse.

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