Bella Hadid’s Controversial New Favorite Shoe Is TikTok Endorsed – See Pics

When it comes to street style, Bella Hadid is fearless, especially when it comes to shoes. She’s not afraid to take a risk or try a divisive trend, and her latest shoe moment has more in common with my dad than high fashion.

As noted by wellness and running influencer Kate Glavan on TikTok, Bella was spotted wearing the Hoka Hopara All-Terrain Shoe, a closed-toe sandal for the outdoors with laces and a notched sole similar to a basketball. vogue also noticed that B was a fan of the “ugly-chic” shoes, which she often wore between shows during Paris Fashion Week.

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The Hokas are known for being comfortable, cushioned and a great recovery shoe, so it makes sense that she would prefer something more flexible and supportive after a day at work.

Glavan took to TikTok to defend her favorite shoe style, especially now that Bella had given her her esteemed endorsement. “I come to tell you that Bella Hadid was spotted at Hoka Hoparas – the ones you all said are ugly. If you or a loved one called me ugly for wearing the Hoka Hoparas, you can Venmo me, because Bella Hadid has confirmed this is a cool shoe,” Glavan says in the video, adding that Bella follows her on TikTok.

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Hoka Hopara Mountain Sandal

“These are my favorite shoes and I’m glad we agree that they’re good. I’m glad that as a Hoka World Athlete people will wear the Hoka Hoparas. Thank you, Bella Hadid , for your support of my cause of the Hoka Hoparas. Love them on you.

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The model wore her Hoparas with an understated look consisting of black pants and a long leather coat, along with a black bag and sunglasses – AKA the ultimate “off duty model”, controversial shoes and all .

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