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JThe Yeezy 450 Sulfur sneakers are the latest colorway in the collaborative line between Adidas and Ye. And according to a UK bakery company, the Grammy-winning artist is on a roll – a sausage roll, of course!

The expensive and oddly colorful shoes initially dropped in early May this year. So, the Yeezy Mafia tweeted a photo of the kicks on their social media accounts last Monday and asked, “HOW DO YOU FEEL SULFUR SO FAR?” Greggs, a UK-based chain specializing in sausage rolls, tweeted how delicious the shoes were with the response below:

The cheeky response earned nearly 3,000 likes, and several other accounts chimed in to share how they thought 450 Sulfur wasn’t quite as delicious. But perhaps Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted should take notice. Sonia Syngal, the Gap Inc. executive who proclaimed how thrilled Ye was at the “incredible opportunity” to produce her own clothing sub-brand with the international clothing retailer, was recently fired as CEO.

According Bloomberga ten-year, billion-dollar deal between The Gap and Ye” failed to generate meaningful results. After announcing the project with much fanfare, Gap executives were mostly silent on the matter. .

In the meantime, enjoy what other Twitter users have to say about the Yeezy 450 Sulfurs below:

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