Dejounte Murray and Trae Young both wanted Hawks Tandem

After becoming an All-Star for the first time with the Spurs, the newly acquired Hawks goaltender Delete Murray is excited to form a backcourt tandem with fellow All-Star Trae young and try to take Atlanta to the next level in the East.

Murray, who led the league in steals (2.0) and was second in triple-doubles (13) last season, discussed his time in San Antonio, what to expect from the association with Young on his expectations for the Hawks and previewed his New Balance player-exclusive sneakers in an interview with HoopsHype.

What made you want to join New Balance and what do you think of the athletes on the list so far?

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Added Murray: For me, it’s just being a human being and wanting to feel wanted and that love and that support. You want it to feel authentic, and it’s really real and authentic. They really supported me even before I signed with them. When I signed, everything changed, and that was fine. They’ve been coming up and coming into the sports world, I think, ever since they signed Kawhi (Leonardo) and add additional players. I think it was more the support. You can feel the love whether you see each other in person or text and Zoom calls. Everyone wants the best for each other. Where it’s at for the players I think they’re doing very well in terms of picking the right guys with great character that you can hold accountable on the pitch and also on the pitch to keep growing and improve while representing the brand. We represent ourselves above all and the brand as well. I think we are going in the right direction. I love all the guys, New Balance, the love and support, and the direction we’re headed.

You recently met your New Balance Hoops teammates Zach LaVine, Jamal Murray, Darius Bazley and Aaron Nesmith in Las Vegas. How does it feel to see the brand take off and grow with other up-and-coming players?

PM: It shows that we’re a group of guys with high character and a work ethic who really take pride in being great people. A lot of guys aren’t afraid to fail or be different. It’s not easy to start something new. You have other brands that have been established for a long time in the sports world. We are going in this direction. I think every person we have on the roster is guys who are proud to help this. It’s both sides, from everyone on the New Balance team to everyone, until the players on the roster continue to be great people and work hard to come out and showcase our skills , equipment, footwear and everything with our lifestyle and clothing. everything at once. I love the direction we are going and our roster.

Your exclusives for gamers (PE) are usually very popular among fans. Can you walk me through how to work with the New Balance design team and see your personal touches come to life in a shoe?

PM: One big thing we do is there is freedom for everyone. When I say that, anyone who’s on our Zoom calls can have their say, and we’re getting into one. New Balance has watched my life, and the things that are airing there are things that they pay attention to, which is important. They pay attention to little things like something about my daughter or my sister. They come out with these kinds of stories, and it really touches me because it shows me that they care and they really care. If I ever have any stories from when I was a child until now, they allow me to share those stories and they come up with some nice designs. If I don’t like it, they don’t feel a certain way. I have the right to say, let’s do another color or another story.

Are there any new PEs in the works now that you’re with the Atlanta Hawks?

PM: Absolutely. I think you will see every design up to the Hawks organization and you will be able to see every color in different designs. Right now I’m focused on adding a few elements that represent Atlanta, Georgia as a whole and bring it to life while embracing the city like they embrace me.

How did you overcome doubts, if any, about being the player you are now as an All-Star to get to this point?

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PM: I think the biggest doubt was that whatever you do, the best ability is to be available. When I got injured, I think that was the only time I wouldn’t even call it a doubt, but it was just where I was down there while working hard. I approach my profession as I try to do and keep that mindset through any training, during the season in training or doing individual training before the game. My mindset is always someone is watching, whether it’s a youngster trying to make it or anyone. For me, this mentality of always being hungry and doing whatever it takes to do so keeps me growing.

How was it for you to become an All-Star in San Antonio last season and move to Atlanta this offseason?

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PM: It was really a credit to my hard work and being a great person. More importantly, it was my work ethic to work through everything and let nothing stop me, whether on or off the pitch, and to stay focused. I loved my stay in San Antonio, and I think it will always be remembered. I made my first All-Star Game in San Antonio. Now I can’t wait to be in Atlanta and be part of a whole new culture and a new city. I can’t wait to get out there and play with my teammates.

How do you see yourself and Trae Young complimenting each other in the backcourt?

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PM: We are both thugs. We texted every day, whether it was about life, basketball, or taking care of our family and building that chemistry. He’s a hooper, and he’s really smart. He is ready to do whatever it takes to win. He’s another All-Star and a hard-working guy. He wanted me as badly as I wanted to go there to help. They already have a culture there that they’ve built. There is a brotherhood. For me, it won’t be too difficult to fit in. I work hard and can adapt to any environment I’m placed in with my style of play and my willingness to learn and work. It will be a smooth transition. I think we’ll get through this. We’re both smart and we love the game. When you add those things together, you find ways to win. The main goal is to win, and that’s what we both want.

What are your expectations for the Hawks this season?

PM: The expectations are to focus on the Hawks and get better every day by pushing each other in every practice and movie while taking care of our bodies and holding each other accountable. I’m not a great person to add a bunch of expectations. I live day to day, and I try to get to the next day. I’m excited. I think everyone is excited. From day one, we have to work hard. It won’t be easy. Life is hard. We have to accept every challenge, work hard and improve.

Where do you think you stand among the leaders in today’s game?

PM: I’ll let you and the fans, coaches, players and everyone do the rankings. I don’t rank. I really don’t fall for any of that. I love basketball. I love great players, watching basketball, studying and getting better at basketball. I will continue to improve and let my game speak for itself on both sides of the pitch. I don’t fall into that (ranking). I think that’s not smart because at the end of the day the main goal is to win, so those are the ones who get rewarded for winning.

Do you have any goals this season individually this season and have you thought about your potential long-term future in Atlanta?

PM: I want to have my first practice first. They had their arms open and showed me nothing but love and whatever I needed. The feeling they give me lets me know it’s going to be awesome and special. I can’t wait to finally get to training camp and enjoy the season and the opportunity and the situation that God has put me in. I know it will be special and fun. I’ve been around a bunch of guys, coaches and front office guys before. I am excited to begin.

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