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Ah, Converse. Classic hi-top tennis shoes were a staple in athletics in the early 20th century and a staple in punk rock since the movement hit in the 1970s. Once again, Converse hi-tops are a must-have shoe thanks to their the appeal of the brand.

However, Converse may be more of a soulless company than its progressive, non-conformist branding might lead you to believe, especially after accusations emerged that it copied the design of someone applying for its design. internship program. The tops in question? An incredibly popular line of chucks known as the “Hybrid World,” which Converse said was based on mixing everyday physical and digital realities.

Having said that, the designs are incredibly similar. Did Converse rip off a girl who applied for one of their internships? Put on your tops and let’s jump in!

Cecilia monge

Cecilia Monge is a TikToker passionate about the design and manufacture of objects. Currently, her Instagram is full of her own masks and fashion designs. However, she appeared on social media radars when she posted a TikTok about her candidacy for a Converse design program – and described how Converse allegedly ripped off her design for a line of high tops based on national parks. .

“I thought I should take some initiative and create my own line of Converse to show them that I could be successful in the role if they hired me, which is common practice in design roles,” a- she said, explaining how she submitted her high profile designs. to the company to show them that she really wanted the role and what she was made of as a designer.

There you go, it’s May 2021 and Converse has just released some high tops that look incredibly similar to the high tops models of Monge Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

Become public

At first, Monge was skeptical that the drawings were exact copies. After all, Converse is a giant company. Since they didn’t even respond after applying for the internship, she doubted they’d ripped off her high-end designs. However, the similar gradient colors and stripes were too hard to miss for her friends and family. They got Monge to write Converse herself.

After hearing about the company’s zilch, she went to TikTok. “They didn’t assign an interview project or ask us to design a line for ‘national parks’,” said Monge. “I 100% came up with the designs AND the concept by myself and sent them in good faith,” she explained to her followers.

“The color palette is exactly the same. . . in the order of the colors and the actual tints of the colors. Look at the yellows and greens. It’s the same color. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, and it’s unfortunate that big companies borrow from smaller designers, ”she said.

Apparently everyone noticed the similarities, collecting tons of Monge clicks. “In 4 hours, my tiktok registered 800,000 likes and 2.8 million views,” she said. His original TikTok was shared by @diet_prada, giving his story even more traction.

Converse statement

In fact, Monge’s video got so much attention that Converse had to descend from its high tower and released the following statement:

“In November 2019, the candidate applied for a Converse internship for the Summer 2020 program – a highly competitive program, which receives thousands of applications each year. She was neither hired nor shortlisted for any role. The request did not include a request and Converse did not request any design portfolios / samples to submit. They further explained that they did not share the candidates’ portfolios for legal reasons.

Converse further explained that their designs were based on Nor’Easters weather maps, not national parks. They even explained that their design was originally developed in April 2019! “The great outdoors and specifically national parks have inspired various color palettes, which have been applied to a number of runs on the Chuck 70, Chuck Taylor All Star and apparel.

It looks like Monge’s original TikTok has disappeared from the internet. Do you think Converse pulled off their high-rise designs? Or do you think the designs are so simple (wavy lines in different colors) that two people would have had a similar idea? Let us know in the comments!


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