Geenee Partners With NFT Mintable Marketplace To Enable Monetization Of AR Creatives, Starting With 10 New Jaylen Clark NFTs


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September 22, 2021 – Geenee Inc., an augmented reality (AR) technology company and provider of a WebAR creation platform, recently announced that its AR technology is powering 10 new augmented reality NFT (non-fungible token) collectibles released by the player from UCLA basketball Jaylen Clark.

Fresh off the launch of his cryptocurrency $ JROCK, Clark recently ditched the 10 NFT exclusive collectibles that tie into a series of real-world rewards for fans, including passes to UCLA games, game shoes, UCLA brand Jordan shoes and Coin $ JROCK via the online platform Rally.

AR NFTs will be powered by Geenee technology, in partnership with NFT exchange redeemable. The collaboration with Clark marks the launch of a new offering from both companies: Geenee’s drag-and-drop WebAR generator allows anyone to publish AR to the web in minutes, and starting today, Geenee users can start monetizing their AR creations by monetizing them as NFTs for sale in the Mintable Marketplace.

“Creative expression is being democratized through augmented reality on the web and NFTs, and is in line with the democratization of athletes paid for their likeness and monetization when they couldn’t before”, said Geenee CEO Cory Grenier.

Zach Burks, Founder and CEO of Mintable, said, “The emergence of NFTs has created another avenue for athletes to further engage their community and grow their brand. Industry pioneers like Jaylen, leveraging web-based AR tools and our NFT marketplace to create new ways to engage their community, is a prime example of early adoption in this segment. Mintable has now also launched a NFT Initiative for College Athletes.

Jaylen Clark’s AR NFT Collection went on sale on Mintable last week on September 17th. The price of collectibles starts at 0.05 ETH (around $ 145 at the time of writing) with some of the NFTs available for immediate purchase. The most exclusive coin in the collection will be auctioned with a reserve price of 1 ETH (approximately $ 2,900 at the time of writing) and includes a JROCK-branded holographic basketball in AR. The NFT also comes with two tickets to a UCLA basketball game, $ 1,000 JROCK coins and an exclusive UCLA shoe.

The buyer of each piece in the collection will have the ownership rights to the 3D digital asset, as well as the ability to view and interact with it in augmented reality. After a purchase, buyers can contact @geenee directly on Mintable to arrange delivery of the accompanying physical goods. A full list of all 10 AR NFTs and purchase links can be found here.

For more information on Geenee and its “WIX for WebAR” style offering, please visit the company’s website. website.

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