“I have a high standard of living, but I wear low heels” – Dana White agrees with NBA star Kevin Durant’s infamous statement about low-top Jordan 1 shoes

UFC President Dana White agrees with NBA player Kevin Durant’s infamous statement about the Jordan 1 low top shoe.

UFC President Dana White is one of the biggest names in MMA in the world. He has been in the business for over a decade. White took over the nearly disbanded UFC corporation as president and built it into one of the largest MMA promotions in the world.

Today, according to Celebrity Net Worth, the King of the UFC earns around $20 million a year for his role in the UFC. And it has a total value of over $500 million. White likes to spend her money wisely, but she also lives a luxurious life.

Expensive cars, luxury villas and delicious cuisine are part of his daily life. However, another interesting thing is the UFC chief honcho’s sneakers. White has a large collection of sneakers and wears them during his UFC appearance.

Recently, Dana went shopping with Joe La Puma from the Complex. White, in the video, talked about her shoe collection, deals, and various other things.

During the interview, La Puma told White that paid American basketball player Kevin Durant said the worst thing about Jordan’s low-key games. And agreeing with the statement, White replied, “I like low shoes, yes. I have a high standard of living, but I usually wear low heels. ”

Jake Paul has a new contract with UFC President Dana White

Jacques does:

Dana – Since you love me now, how about a 1 fight UFC deal to fight Conor.
If I win, you accept my proposal for compensation and health care for UFC fighters.
If I lose I give my whole purse to all the UFC fighters who make less than $50,000 a fight and never mention the UFC again
OK? “

It’s no longer news that the YouTube boxer turned YouTube star Jacques-Paul wants to fight high level UFC fights. Notably, former two-time champion Conor McGregor is on his radar.

However, “The Problem Child” never received a response from McGregor or White about the war. But that’s not stopping the Ohio native from following them. He also searched ‘The famous’ with the UFC president.

Paul has often raised the issue of UFC fighter salaries. Recently, he offered a new deal to White to fight Mc Gregor. “Troubled Child” spoke about it on its official Twitter account. However, she has yet to receive a response.

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