In the closet of Joe Freshgoods

Even if you don’t know the name Joe Freshgoods, you’ve probably felt his influence. The 35 year old player The entrepreneur has lent his expertise to everyone from New Balance to McDonald’s, creating impactful campaigns like “Inside Voices” and “Conversations Amongst Us.” In doing so, the Chicago native has developed a personal brand that emulates the lifestyle brands of the early 2000s. Whether it’s Tommy Hilfiger or Crooks and Castles, Freshgoods is helping to create a brand where “we feels like the owner is the coolest person in the world,” he muses. When you buy one of his collaborations, you are buying more than a product. You embrace the Joe Freshgoods lifestyle.

In Chicago, Freshgoods cemented its place in the local community through its Fat Tiger store, where it sold only its own designs. (He recently closed the store to end on a high after eight years of success.) [in fashion],” he says.

When it comes to his personal style, the designer and art director’s unconventional ensembles ensure you can’t miss it. “I hate it when people notice me in the club,” he says. “But it’s like, ‘Well, Joe, I wouldn’t notice you, but you have this big idiot hat.'” The hats in question (and just about everything in her closet) vary in color, size, and texture, but look alike in their splendour. Tiger print? Fur? Crochet? Everything is here.

The multihyphen is also a collector of art (he likes to support black artists), action figures and sneakers – the latter of which he stores in his basement. “I may have 1,000 shoes, but I wear the same two. I’m that kind of person,” he says. Comfort and color dictate his sartorial expression. Once cozy, Freshgoods offers quirky items that tell a story. Her essentials include Bottega Veneta padded boots, Target tank tops and corduroy pants. Ahead, Freshgoods shares more about her early career, her personal style and a peek into her closet.

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