Insane Sneaker Collection by Floyd Mayweather: Adidas Superstar, Nike Air Force 1 and more

Floyd Mayweather is nothing new to flaunting his wealthy lifestyle on social media. The undefeated boxing baron has amassed enough fortune to claim himself the richest boxer on the planet and continues to turn millions in his retirement life. In his last outing against Logan Paul at an exhibition, Mayweather raked in over $ 100 million.


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That said, he spends it all in style. From cars, jewelry, mansions, watches to outfits, ‘TBE’ has a lucrative collection of wealth. His shoe collection definitely falls into the same category and can set fashion goals for multiple people.

How is Floyd Mayweather’s sneaker collection?


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Floyd Mayweather owns some of the best sneakers in the world. But he clearly appears to be a Nike fan. Its shoe collection mainly features Nike models, but several other pairs in the set can cause fans to frenzy. Floyd Mayweather has his own TMT brand and often promotes his own merchandise.

Well, the five-division world champion has his eye on other top-rated brands as well. Therefore, he apparently chooses the best of the slot machine and so does his insane shoe collection. Here’s a look at Floyd Mayweather’s sneakers.

Nike Air Max 1

Air Max is one of Nike’s most popular products and has grown in popularity since it entered the mainstream market. While Mayweather has a lot of Nike products, he hasn’t missed an Air Max 1.

Nike Air Force 1

Designer Bruce Kilgore introduced Nike Aviation 1 in 1982. She has been a staple fashion model ever since, both in the sports and entertainment industry. It was the first sneaker with Nike Air technology. No wonder Floyd Mayweather has his.

Nike Air Max 1 Flyknit

Air Max 1 Flyknit is one of Nike’s most popular shoes and ‘Money’ Mayweather seems to love it. He posted a photo of himself in his private jet, donning a pair of Air Max 1 Flyknit. The shoe features a classic silhouette and is considered extremely comfortable.

Adidas superstar

Floyd Mayweather has a pair of white Adidas Super star and the boxer seems to like it very much. Well, he’s got enough reasons for it. Adidas Superstar was introduced to the basketball court in the 1970s. It was the first low leather basketball shoe. And it has been popular in the market for over 50 years now.

Alexander Mac Queen Low Top

Mayweather amazed several fans when he donned a pair of white Alexander Mac Queen Low Top shoes in 2017 at Jimmy Kimmel ‘s show. The five-weight champion was set to face Conor McGregor at the time, which he then won and recorded another big payday to his name. Mayweather also posted photos on social media, wearing the Alexander Mac Queen Low Top.

Nike Lunar Force 1 basketball shoe

Lunar To obligate 1 pound of sneakers also has its roots slanting towards basketball and is a popular shoe around the world. He’s also technically up-to-date, and Mayweather likes to flaunt his own pair. Lunar Force 1 has found its place on the NBA field on several occasions.

Apart from that, Mayweather also offers other Nike Air Force pairs. There’s no denying that he loves stacking Air Force models. And he has plenty. In addition, he also owns Adidas Adilette and Versace shoes. Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram profile reflects all of this.

“Money” Mayweather also has Giuseppe Zanotti, a Givenchy Basketball High Top and a Christian Louboutin shoe. Here’s a look at the three models he featured on his social media.


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by Mayweather reported Net worth stands at $ 450 million which can see a big increase if it shows up in another exhibit. Mayweather also has many investments and business activities to consider.


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Thus, he justifies the expenses he makes, because he knows how to win everything. The 44-year-old boxing star clearly lives life and conveys his goals for success to several people.

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