It will be makeup instead of poster for Chheang in English

Lynn English’s Rosie Chheang, left, takes the ball downfield. (JAKOB MENENDEZ)

LYNN — Lynn English’s Rosie Chheang trades her basketball shoes for a hair and makeup brush.

It will certainly be the loss of basketball. As she did in the regular season last winter, Chheang, who served as co-captain for the Bulldogs, was a hard force to miss. While only putting two points on the board, she was constantly looking for a way to help her team.

“Honestly, I feel like it was a great experience. Obviously to be picked as an All-Star and to have that experience is amazing,” she said. “We came to win, we wanted to win, but it didn’t happen that way. We played hard though.

Now that it’s over, Chheang is taking a path that few student-athletes seem to be taking. Instead of going to university or college, Chheang goes to cosmetology school in the fall.

“It’s so much fun,” she said. “I was actually stuck between deciding to play college ball and cosmetology school. I thought about it and even though it was a tough decision, I chose cosmetology school.

As with everyone when COVID-19 hit, everything seemed to stop. However, Chheang didn’t take it as a setback, but as a way to focus on that side of his life. She soon realized that her hobby had become more than just a hobby and she had developed a love for cosmetology.

“I chose cosmetology school since I had the experience since COVID-19,” Chheang said. “COVID-19 increased my little hustle to do it. So, I thought it would be a good thing to do.

Chheang had a standout moment from the regular season that she can look back on. English and Lynn Classical were battling for the Greater Boston League championship last February, and the two teams were tied at the end of the game. It looked like overtime was imminent.

Suddenly, like the parting of the Red Sea, Chheang ran from coast to coast and put in a buzzer layup that won the game and the championship for the Bulldogs.

It’s from the past. Now that’s about cosmetology, and you can’t be a cosmetologist and not have a favorite style. For Chheang, she already knows what her favorite style is. “Box braids are my go-to style. That’s what I like to do,” Chheang said.

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