Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 9060 “Inner Voices”

After helping a group of black New Balance associates promote the first installment of the “Conversations Amongst Us” collection, Joe Freshgoods has been busy finalizing his own “Inside Voices” capsule.

Prepared as a complementary capsule to his “Outside Clothes” collaboration, the “Inside Voices” collection features the New Balance 9060 sneaker. The Chicago native took to social media on at least two occasions to share his pride and praise the quality of the clothing included, but fans quickly became obsessed with all the shoes that Freshgoods (birth name Joseph Robinson) is associated with. The 9060 is the thickest ‘canvas’ in creation to date, yet the lifestyle model still inspires and promotes ‘the sights, sounds and feelings of growing up in the black house’. The 9060 “Inside Voices” adopt premium suede constructions clad in “Penny Cookie Pink” and “Baby Shower Blue”, hues that take their name and inspiration from certain cultural touchpoints close to Joe Freshgoods and other members of the black community. The collection’s name is embroidered on the back of the pairs, while “Forever Quietly Winning” is placed on the garments. Together, each item featured in the aforementioned capsule demonstrates that the West Side of Chicago rep knows how to tell stories.

No firm release date has been confirmed by Joe Freshgoods and company, but “Inside Voices” apparel (which includes tracksuits, varsity jackets and more) is set to drop Monday, May 16.

For more from the Boston-based brand, check out the New Balance 9906, co-developed with insight from Teddy Santis.

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