Judge rules on commutations, women’s prison


BOSTON (SHNS) – Appearing before Governor’s Council to seek an elevation in Superior Court, District Court Judge Cathleen Campbell on Wednesday applauded coverage of the recent campaign to commute a Brockton man’s prison sentence and hit a new women’s prison project.

The council, which questions and votes on potential judges, is also the final arbiter of commutation requests if they are first approved by an advisory council and the governor. After discussing the “injustices” of mandatory minimum sentences and disparities in sentences, Councilor Paul DePalo of Worcester asked the candidate if she felt that commutations “would be an effective, immediate and targeted tool to remedy it”.

Campbell, a Boston resident who spent about nine years in district court, said the commutations “could be used to help balance the system a bit more.” “I think we really need to do more in terms of switching. I was very happy with the article the Boston Globe wrote yesterday associated with Devin McCourty who came forward and spoke on behalf of this gentleman, William Allen, who was a venturer, under the law anyway ,… And it pains me that we don’t. more in that particular area, ”Campbell said.

DePalo also spoke with Campbell about the potential new women’s prison that the Baker administration is considering for construction in Norfolk as a replacement for MCI-Framingham. Campaigners protested the construction of a new prison this summer and a senator introduced a moratorium bill that would put the Norfolk project on hold.

When DePalo brought up the potential new prison, Campbell said, “Well. We should build a new treatment center for women. Because there aren’t enough beds for women with addiction issues and mental health issues. Not a prison, but a treatment center. This is my opinion associated with this particular situation.

Campbell, who ran for mayor in Boston twice before joining the bench, is the daughter of a former state police officer. She said that although she has been active in many organizations, her current passion is a children’s running club sponsored by the New Balance Foundation. A majority of councilors assured Campbell of their support at the formal meeting next week.

“I want to clone you,” said Councilor Marilyn Devaney. Councilor Eileen Duff said, “Salem is in my district, and everyone out there thinks you are the second coming of Christ.

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