Kobe Bryant paid $8 million to cut ties with Adidas and even made a reporter ‘throw away’ his tracksuit

Kobe Bryant’s fallout with Adidas was bittersweet, to say the least. He even refused to take interviews with journalists if they were wearing Adidas clothes.

The man, the myth, the legend, Kobe Bryant, it is his 44th birthday today, and we can say that he is greatly missed. So what better way to honor him than to release a story that portrays him at his best, or rather, his best?

Yes, all competitive athletes are bad losers, that’s a fact. Kobe was no different. He wouldn’t talk to his teammates if they lost a game, so we can expect him to be equally petty if a brand refuses to pay him his worth.

His fallout with Adidas was nothing short of abysmal, he even paid the brand $8 million out of his own pocket to end his deal. The reason? Well, his second signature sneaker, the Kobe 2s, was so badly received by everyone that Bryant wanted nothing to do with it.

He was so unhappy with the brand that even years later when he finally signed for Nike, he wanted nothing to do with that brand. Journalist Marc Spears found out the hard way.

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Kobe Bryant made Marc Spears throw away his Adidas tracksuit after falling out with the brand

So, the story goes that Marc Spears came to interview Kobe and the Lakers legend’s first reaction was to point out that Spears was wearing Adidas.

Dissatisfied with what he saw, he told Spears to take it off immediately, but since Spears had no spare clothes, Kobe agreed to do the interview, on one condition.

Marc had to go home, throw away his tracksuit and Adidas shoes, record himself while doing it, and send the video to Kobe. He obliged.

Talk about pettiness. Of course, this is Kobe Bryant we’re talking about. Pettiness was like his second nature. The man lived and breathed to compete.

Looking back on his life, all we can think of is how exemplary he exemplified the competition. Marc recently told this story on ESPN and you watch the video below.

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