LOWES teams up with Solardo and Vintage Culture for the success of the “Adidas & Pearls” festival

A BAND has teamed up with Solardo and Vintage Culture for their latest hit “Adidas & Pearls”.

Lancaster and Kendal-based LOWES had a successful 2021 after winning BBC RADIO 1’s Dance Singer of the Year award and releasing their hit single ‘Late Night Visions’.

Band members Evie Plumb, Luke Paget and Jamie Walker have taken the dance scene by storm after working with CamelPhat, Sigma and High Contrast to name a few.

The song “Adidas & Pearls” was released on Friday, June 24 and is already receiving rave reviews online.

Speaking about the latest single, LOWES said: “Solardo sent us a production idea on Instagram during lockdown and we instantly loved it.

“We spent a few days coming up with the concept, the melodies and the lyrics and we sent them back.

“They came back straight away saying they wanted to use it as a single, but it took over a year to finish production and get a spot on everyone’s calendars to set a release date.”

LOWES said it was “satisfying” and “exciting” that the single was now available for people to enjoy and said the response from fans had been “overwhelming”.

Adding: “We’ve been sitting on this track for 18 months, so finally being able to type it into Spotify or YouTube and hear it out into the world is such a satisfying and exciting feeling.

“The response from friends, fans and industry has been overwhelming! To be at 1/4 million streams after five days is so unprecedented and has given us a big boost for the summer! Very humbling and encouraging.”

On what it was like to team up with Solardo and what they have in store for fans this summer, LOWES said, “The boys of Solardo are true industry legends having written, produced and toured for 2 decades.

“We absolutely loved the energy in their tracks, so when they reached out and wanted to collaborate, we jumped right in. When Vintage Culture joined us, it became a truly international project.

“We have a few surprises up our sleeve but of course there is our set at Kendal Calling where the Woodlands Stage headliner on Friday night.

“We also hope to travel to Ibiza for some sessions and performances this summer.”

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