MultiVersus Director Teases New Fighter And Major Balance Update

MultiVersus already has 17 playable characters in the open beta, but as players might expect given the nascent nature of the game and the long list of Warner Bros. properties. Player First Games can shoot, more fighters are naturally in preparation. We don’t know for sure what these characters will look like beyond some supposed leaks that gave hope to different fan favorites from different franchises, but the devs are already teasing what’s to come with some cryptic clues about new fighters. and important updates.

Tony Huynh, the game director working on MultiVersus, took to Twitter recently to hint at some of Player First Games’ plans for new characters. Huynh didn’t specify what IP address the character in question might be from and simply said “some cool stuff is in store.”

Since we are just beginning to see what kinds of metas and trends are forming in MultiVersus given that it’s only been out for a short time, it’s hard to imagine right now what “some cool stuff” might look like compared to what’s already in the game. Still, it’s a reassuring tease for the future of the game, and given that we already have Morty Smith from rick and morty lined up next and Rick Sanchez slated for a later date, it looks like players can expect a fairly consistent flow of characters, at least for now.

In addition to this tease for the new character, Huynh responded to another Twitter user requesting a balance update. MultiVersus will be playable during this year’s EVO 2022 competition with nerfs already planned for some characters after this event, but it looks like things are staying relatively quiet at the moment so people can get to grips with the game ahead of the EVO dates. After EVO, however, it looks like we’ll see a pretty big balance update released for MultiVersus given that Huynh said one of them is already in the works.

It remains to be seen when this update will be released and when these characters who have not yet been announced will be announced, but for the latter we already know Morty’s arrival in August and Rick’s arrival in season 1. , but maybe we will hear from MultiVersus the team’s plans during EVO itself.

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