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Champaign, Illinois (WCIA)

Ali Kreider, owner of Blended Balance Fitness, tells us more about his new fitness program.

In the United States, 60% of adults are not regularly active and 25% are not active at all (according to the 2020 Surgeon General report). So while there are reasons why you should be doing this workout and not this workout or why bands are or are not useful, a large portion of the population is currently doing nothing.

There is a gap between people who exercise regularly and those who have difficulty moving.

Meet MADE-to-MOVE, my new program to bridge this gap.

This program is not focused on training, but specifically designed to help you move more throughout your day, week and life.

If you’re not doing anything, just focusing on the movement is a great way to start. The exercise can be intimidating, which is why we are removing this word from the vocabulary of the program. In MADE-to-MOVE, we separate the idea of ​​trying to train and focusing on starting to move more.

MADE-to-MOVE is a monthly program created to help members move more throughout their day. It’s for those who need a little extra encouragement and responsibility to add regular movements to their routine. Throughout the month we will focus on general movement patterns, understanding why they are important in everyday life. In addition, the focus will be on stretching, balance and mobility.

With a focus on changing mindset and behavior, my goal is to help clients think differently about fitness. When we work together, we focus on fitness as a sensation rather than a look or aesthetic.

My new MADE-to-MOVE program will be launched on December 6th. I’m offering 25% off for new members who sign up for December and January. It’s $ 30 for two months, which saves members $ 10!

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