Texas Tech Students Take On “F *** Joe Biden” Singing Trend


In recent weeks, a number of student sections at college football stadiums have expressed their displeasure with President Joe Biden. Concretely, with secular songs of “f *** Joe Biden”.

Until there, most songs have been in the SEC stages. Student sections expressing their displeasure with President Biden this season include: Ole Miss, Kansas, Coastal Carolina University, Virginia Tech, Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, Indiana University, and Texas A&M.

This Saturday, a group of Texas Tech students followed the trend in Texas Tech’s pre-game against Florida International. The singing started with students in the south end area about 10 to 15 minutes before kickoff. Singing also broke out during the first trimester.

You can hear some of the vocals in the video below.

(Note: language not safe for work)

Over the past two weeks, Donald Trump Jr. has predicted that the trend will continue. In interview with The Daily Caller, Trump Jr. cited a botched troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and President Biden’s national mandate on the COVID-19 vaccine as examples of why Americans disagree with Biden.

“Honestly, it got so bad that the media can’t cover it anymore. The media created controversies about Trump and presented him as the gospel. There are still people who say that Russia , Russia, Russia was a real thing, not a figment of their imagination that they could manipulate through political games, ”said Trump Jr.

Texas Tech Football’s next home game is on October 9 against the TCU, and students won’t need the extra motivation to get rowdy; it will be the Red Raider Big 12’s first home game of the season.

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