Thank you for your donations !! Update on the shortage of WOLF STREET mugs (I went out). And reminder, if you missed it: please donate

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

Dear readers, thank you very much for your generous donations. Your support is crucial in helping WOLF STREET grow and create a community without paywalls and ad blockers.

On November 16, at 11 p.m. PT, one of the most important things in history happened: I sent in the last mug of WOLF STREET beer.

I send the mugs as thank you gifts to readers who donate $ 100 or more, and who specifically say by email that they want a mug (many don’t). I ordered the mugs again on May 31st. Turns out there is a shortage of glass that has turned into a shortage of blank beer mugs that has turned into a shortage of WOLF STREET beer mugs. Here is the story of the mug’s tangled supply chain.

On November 17th, I heard from my distributor, Design a Shirt in Arizona. No more complications in the entanglement of the supply chain. One of the problems is that Libbey, a large American manufacturer of glass tableware, filed for bankruptcy in 2020 and, as part of its exit from bankruptcy, moved its manufacturing operations from the United States to Mexico and to Mexico. China. Since glass products are fragile and heavy, they are expensive to ship, especially now with overpriced container rates, and some of the US demand for Libbey has shifted to Arc in the US, which makes the blank WOLF STREET mugs, and that is now hopelessly overdue.

Arc and Libbey stopped producing this specific mug months ago. Neither has released production dates for the mug, Design a Shirt’s Sarah said in an email yesterday, citing an email from glass printer PyroGraphics in Iowa. , which prints the three-color WOLF STREET saying, “Nothing goes to hell in a straight line,” on the blank mugs. And “nobody knows that,” she said, quoting Pyro.

Sarah quoted Pyro’s email: “Sorry, I wish I had better news! All glass decorators like us are in this same mess. Glass is very difficult to find. I have pint glasses though…. “

You get the drift.

So if you’ve requested a mug after the mug release date, your name is on the mug list now, and as soon as, if, when, and God willing, the mugs come in, I’ll send them out.

And if you haven’t had the opportunity to donate yet..

If you were busy last Sunday and Monday when I laid out the issues with paywall, ad blockers, independence, and control, and you missed the whole donation reminder show, let me remind you now: please donate.

Your support for the site is crucial. Donations are very special. They tell me that what I do is important. I greatly appreciate every donation.

There are three ways to donate: Zelle; Credit card through PayPal and check through USPS mail.

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Thank You Gift: That elusive WOLF STREET mug if you donate $ 100 or more.

If, when, but … I’d like to send you one of these fun 15oz mugs to thank you for your very generous donation of $ 100 or more if your address is in the US and you would like a mug (lots of people not).

If you want a cup, Please send me an email and include your delivery address in the USA (I cannot ship the mugs outside of the United States) and your phone number (FedEx will not ship without it). Send the email to: [email protected]

I’ll put your name on the mug list. As soon as, if, when, and God willing, the mug shipment arrives, I will send you a mug. It may take a lot of patience. My apologies for the shortage of WOLF STREET beer mugs.

Thank you, dear readers, for coming to WOLF STREET, and thank you for your support !!

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