The Bills could become the first team in almost 10 years to do so

The Buffalo Bills are set to end their regular season schedule this Sunday, when they host the New York Jets at Highmark Stadium at 4:25 p.m.

The Bills can take the AFC East with a win, or win the division with a loss for the New England Patriots to the Miami Dolphins.

The Bills have had their ups and downs this season, but it was really the close losses that hurt their record. Of the Bills’ six losses, five of them are one score. The only loss of more than once was the Indianapolis Colts at home in November.

The Bills’ defense has not been talked about enough this season by the national media. They have been dominant in many games, especially their strong passing defense.

The Bills defense currently ranks number one in 16 games averaging 286.5 yards per game. They also have the best passing defense, averaging 173 yards per game.

If the Bills end the regular season as the best defense in the NFL, they will become the first team since the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers, to have the highest-rated defense in the NFL and to have no Pro Bowl selection in that time. defense.

This has absolutely been mentioned to the team and will certainly be an added motivation to end the season strong against a Jets team who have performed better on offense in recent weeks.

The Bills pass defense gets my vote for the most underrated unit in all of the NFL, from the national media.

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