The special, modern and comfortable style of her daughter Amy

singer and actress Jennifer Lopez She can boast of a good relationship with the singer father of her children Mark Anthony. The two singers remain very close for the sake of their children, Maximilian David and Amy Maribel, the fruit of their love, born in 2008.

Amy maribel Moniz She was born in Long Island, New York, the daughter of two superstars, Mark Anthony s Jennifer Lopez The teenager is currently 14 years old and she accompanies her mother on tour whenever she can. We got to see her midway through the first half of the Super Bowl in 2020 among the surprises she starred in Jennifer Lopez with Shakira.

Indeed, the young woman turns to her unique and original style by dressing at her age. Amy Muniz He likes to wear comfortable and modern clothes, such as jeans, t-shirts, oversized t-shirts and tennis shoes. Although many criticize her style, she likes to be laid back and doesn’t care about criticism.

Amy Muniz She looked very comfortable and stylish with a casual look which she teamed with mom jeans and an oversized brown shirt. This outfit was completed with rocker boots and she wore her hair down, revealing her natural curls. Its very practical and comfortable appearance is one of the characteristics Amy.

Photo: Instagram Emme Muniz

On another occasion during a walk with Jennifer LopezAnd AmyComfortable and very elegant look, consisting of a red and black checkered skirt and a black shirt. This costume was completed by a girl Mark Anthony With a white shirt inside, black tights and rock shoes of the same color, with gloves, she looks original and beautiful.

Photo: Instagram Emme Muniz

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