three rising seniors split on day two of Adidas 3SSB

Spartanburg, South Carolina – It was a full day of action at the Adidas 3SSB Tour with games throughout the day at the Upward Stars Center and surrounding areas.

In the Class of 2023, there were clear themes, including three prospects that were rocking the gym.

Kaden Cooper, Team Trae Young–Cooper has helped each other as much as anyone so far this weekend. On Friday night, he scored an effective 22 points but still managed to fly somewhat under the radar. That changed on Saturday as he had the gym buzzing at the end of the day. Cooper has terrific stance size and a chiseled frame, he shoots an easy ball from both the catch and the dribble, can do quick combination moves with his grip and get up for emphatic finishes on the break. He was watched by head coaches from Auburn, Alabama, Oklahoma State and Texas over the weekend, along with numerous assistants.

Andrej Stojakovic, Compton Magic – If it seems like every day brings a new headline on Stojakovic, that’s because he’s done it recently. The headline on Saturday was a Kentucky stock market bid. His combination of size, skill, and marksmanship prowess has been well-documented before, but he might not be done growing either. He has big feet, strong legs, and an upper body that he has yet to fully develop. So, sure, he needs to get stronger, but often the frames don’t fill up if they stretch any further, and if that’s the case for Stojakovic, his rapid rise isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

AJ Johnson, Jalen Green Elite — Johnson has the kind of obvious tools and long-term upside that allow him to attract college coaches even when he’s not necessarily playing his best basketball. He’s a great guard with terrific size and positional pace. He can dance with his grip, has end-to-end speed with the ball, a solid shot and consistent fluidity with the ball. He’s only in his early stages of filling his frame, but like Stojakovic, that can actually be a good thing when it comes to predicting his long-term projection, as he still has plenty of room to go on. to improve. On the recruiting trail, he landed a long list of recent offers, including St. John’s, East Carolina, Missouri, Texas, LSU and Creighton.

Ringing drummers

The evening session was absolutely packed with some of the best teams on the circuit all in action at the same time. While this forced some coaches to show their hand in terms of priorities, it also paved the way for some exciting finishes.

The Mass Rivals eliminated Compton Magic in overtime when a three-pointer for Kur Teng found the back of the net just before the buzzer. The Magic had burst in to erase a late regulation deficit, setting the stage for Teng’s heroism. The 2024 guard has an advanced offensive repertoire and an already solid body for this stage of his development. He’s a true three-range scoring threat that shoots a softball from three and has a powerful mid-range game with no wasted movement to match.

Simultaneously, Team Trae Young and the Arkansas Hawks were in an almost identical scenario as Mavrick Miller forced three overtime (never leave Mike Miller’s son open, especially if you can’t give up a three) then a Rashaud Marshall dunk turned out to be the winner of the match. Marshall continued to establish himself as one of the best big men on the court with his combination of power, athleticism and physicality on the inside as well as subtle but consistent signs of perimeter skill.

A game set earlier, the New York Jayhawks had their own thrilling ending as they erased a more than 20-point second-half deficit for Midwest Basketball Club and clinched victory on their final possession of the game. when Ladji Dembele tipped in an attacking rebound. . It was the final exclamation point in what had already been an impressive outing for the 6ft 9in tall man. He showed true upside potential with a powerful body inside the paint, complemented by the ability to stretch the ground as he knocked down numerous threes.

Others who impressed

Pryce Sandfort, D1 Minnesota — He was another player who warmed up behind the three-point line and made some group shots. What was equally impressive was when the opposing defenders started to press in, both piling him up and getting him off the line, how he was able to get into the lane, using a game of precise legs to create space for his pull-ups and showing off a few. keen sense of passage to match.

Freddie Dilione, Mayar Woland James Scott, Team Loaded NC – Dilione is the team’s biggest attraction right now as he had a constant dose of big majors watching him all day due to his size and ability to score in volume (not to mention too much good sneaky ground vision and passing ability when ready), but Wol and Scott emerge as well. Wol is a kind of long, athletic hybrid striker who is versatile, mobile, able to cut and knock down open shots. Scott is still relatively underrated with current offerings from Eastern Kentucky, Florida International and Ohio, but showed clear translatable tools as he was mobile defending ball screens, rim running and catching lobs at six-foot-eleven.

Dellquan Warren, Wildcat Select — The second-year left-handed guard stood out in two distinct ways — defending the ball and offensively navigating the lane. He is already known for his tenacity on the defensive side of the floor and lived up to that billing as he constantly harassed the ball. It was also unmatched in terms of instinctive maneuvering in lane traffic, even when attacking at full speed.

Baye Falls and Assane Diop, Colorado Hawks – Fall is an athletic, mobile big who is best known for his bouncy finish and ability to block shots, but also has terrific feet when it comes to pick-and-roll defense and shooting. develop face-up touch. At 6-foot-10, Diop isn’t much shorter, but offers plenty of complementary versatility. He covers the ground with long, bouncy strides when running, is a much better passer than you might think, and is able to make point shots with space and pace when the game slows down. Seton Hall and Colorado prioritized this duo throughout the day.

For more coverage from day two of the Adidas 3SSB session in South Carolina, click here for Travis Branham’s recap of some of the best underclassmen.

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