TSB Podcast: EP 298 – adidas killed it quietly with its forum releases


In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno and Dunks are in the studio at the Woodward Sports Network.

Do people tout the shoes based on name recognition?

Do LeBron James fans find it hard to appreciate him while he’s still playing?

Speaking of who the real GOAT is, you’d be hard pressed to find a better candidate than Dennis Rodman. We explain why.

Adidas quietly killed him with his outings on the Forum. While we’re happy that they use other silhouettes in their arsenal, we’re also concerned that they’ll end up ruining their positive momentum.

Are the A Ma Maniére X Air Jordan 3s really the “sneaker of the year”? Caesar does not think so.

Name a pizza chain worse than CiCi’s Pizza.

Who requested a Billie Eilish X Air Jordan 1 KO?

Who is eagerly awaiting the Space Jam X Nike LeBron 19s?

Do Yeezy’s upcoming releases prove that brands will sell you anything because they know they can get away with it?

Nike has created rules to increase your chances of winning on the SNKRS app. Basically it was just paragraphs over ceiling paragraphs.

The upcoming 50/50 Off-White X Nike Dunk collection has to be one of the laziest attempts in sneaker history. Nike lets you know exactly what they think of you with this release.

All of a sudden, people love the Air Jordan 2?

In Sneaker News, we find out how anal Michael Jordan was when it came to who could or couldn’t wear his shoes in the NBA.

And finally, we read a number of “This Week In Stupid” stories. Bottom line, don’t buy sneakers in person in New Jersey.

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