“U-turn had Bean drunk at the bar”: Kevin Durant marvels at the 1v1 duel between Kobe ‘Bean’ Bryant and Tracy McGrady in the early 2000s NBA


Kevin Durant is from an era that grew up idolizing and admiring Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady. He looks back on one of their great moments on the pitch.

Kobe and T-Mac were the two Adidas athletes who threatened to change the sneaker industry in the early 2000s. The T-Macs are still considered one of the best basketball shoes ever.

But while Kobe then moved on to Nike and the Swoosh, he’s also had a drastically different career path. While T-Mac played his best years on a Magic team with a Grant Hill still injured, Kobe made it to the final with Shaq every year.

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This obviously gives Kobe the 1v1 advantage when the duo got into a fight. T-Mac didn’t have the luxury of throwing it at Shaq in the post and getting a guaranteed bucket with every possession.

That obviously didn’t mean the duo hadn’t had their moments as the NBA’s top two wingers. Kobe and T-Mac vied for superiority throughout the 2000s until the latter succumbed to injuries in Houston.

Kevin Durant shares legendary 1v1 clip between Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady

T-Mac won 2 titles in the early 2000s against Kobe, Shaq and Allen Iverson. This is a clear indicator of its varied scoring arsenal and myriad of ways to get a bucket.

Kobe was obviously no slouch, and he ended up giving as well as he did whenever he faced Tracy McGrady or Iverson. Kevin Durant shared a vintage clip from Ballislife that documents this rivalry.

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As you can see, it was quite the sequence of vintage pieces. A flip fadeaway from T-Mac that left Kobe on the floor, followed by Kobe blowing McGrady for a dunk.

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