Vans takes on Adidas Terrex with a range of weatherproof and stylish boots


If you’re looking for a hiking shoe that also respects style issues, your options are somewhat limited. Vans UltraRange EXO hopes to change all that. Taking cues from Adidas Terrex in the ‘boots you can wear in the country without looking like a tit in town’ category, they blend many of the features you’ll find in today’s best hiking boots with style. skater. They were also announced via a Narnia-style shoot that we’re absolutely obsessed with. There just aren’t enough wolves or owls in your average press material, in our opinion.

Back to the boots. The third iteration of the UltraRange – er – range, as this MTE-3 suffix suggests, they promise to be your best friend when winter really sets in. jackets, to keep your feet dry, whether you’re cruising muddy, waterlogged trails or just braving a downpour on your way to work.

A 3M Thinsulate layer is combined with waterproofing. This lightweight, breathable insulation has a high warmth-to-thickness ratio, which means it will keep your toes warm in all weather conditions, without adding bulk.

Vans UltraRange EXO MTE-3 hiking boots on fake snow in a magical landscape

(Image credit: Vans)

Finally, Vans (rightly) verified that its regular waffle outsole wouldn’t cut it on slippery country trails. The Vans UltraRange MTE-3 boots feature an All-Trac outsole with studs for traction. This rubber compound was developed by Vans specifically for their MTE shoes, with the goal of keeping wearers stable and upright on any terrain and in all seasons.

Vans UltraRange EXO MTE-3 hiking boots on fake snow in a magical landscape

(Image credit: Vans)

We haven’t had a chance to test them, but the advantage you have over something like the Adidas Terrex line is that high cut for good ankle support. So while the Terrex line is more aimed at light to medium trails, these could potentially work for something more hardcore – although if you want a dedicated boot for a multi-day hike, we’d still be inclined to a specialized outdoor brand such as Jack Wolfskin, Hanwag, Arc’teryx and others. If the slightly skater style appeals to you and you’re looking for a versatile city-to-country hiker that will offer much more winter protection than your standard Vans, these seem like a great option.

The UltraRange EXO Hi Gore-Tex MTE-3 are available for purchase now, in four colourways. Visit Vans for more information.

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