West Seattle Blog… | CRIME WATCH FOLLOW-UP: Charges filed in Andover shooting

the King County Attorney’s Office filed two felony charges against the suspect in the shooting last Thursday morning near 26/Andover. 38 years old Justin A. Weiland is charged with second degree assault, firearm enhancement and unlawful possession of firearms. The charging documents note that his criminal record dates back 25 years; during that time, prosecutors say, he served 50 warrants. As reported here last week, he was arrested hours after the shooting as he left the Junction apartment of a woman who was allegedly with him when it happened. Prosecutors now say she indirectly factored into the shooting – although the victim allegedly told police he didn’t know who shot him, the woman told police the victim was her ex-boyfriend friend and that he and Weiland had “fallen out”. The whole incident was recorded by a nearby security camera West Seattle Health Club, which is how the police identified Weiland as a suspect; one officer wrote that he and a partner “regularly patrol the area of ​​this encampment and are getting used to knowing the subjects that frequent this area. Justin Weiland is extremely recognizable to us as we have spoken to him on numerous occasions. Also , Justin Weiland’s signature look is a black jacket, blue jeans, a flat peaked cap worn forward and almost always fancy tennis shoes.The victim, 41, suffered a gunshot wound to the calf Weiland remains in the King County Jail, bond set at $300,000. (We got his picture from state Department of Corrections, the only agency in the area that releases photos upon request, provided the person has been in their system.)

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